Friday, July 13, 2012

Things I love

Subtitle: It can't always be about hate

1. These shoes my mom got me. I had been wanting neutral/nude business-y flats and these are NOT what I was thinking at all, but they are adorable. And comfy. I've worn them two days in a row, sockless, and my feet don't hate me. Pricey shoes (bought by someone else, clearly) are worth the money. I'm rough on my shoes. I am wearing them today with charcoal pants and a black shirt and trying to convince myself I'm fashionable instead of clashing horribly (since the shoes are kinda/sorta in the brown family). They're just so cute.

2. Bike rides. Nick and I did a short one yesterday, ~12 miles, but it felt so fast. It is nice to work different muscles. My legs felt tired at the beginning of the ride and then warmed up nicely. We had a great 6 mile loop near our house with rolling hills of joy. Just enough uphills to be challenging (/annoying) but not so much I was crying. Variety is the spice of life.
yes, I google image searched "variety is the spice of life" and I chose the picture of donuts. I'm learning toward the Chocolate glazed cake one hiding coyly in the corner. Other picture options: a bored looking couple which is either associated with open relationships or bedroom spicy tips. NSFW either way.

3. Checking out potential bands for our work party next year. This year we had it at the Air and Space Museum, next year might be the Baltimore Aquarium! Apparently researching bands means I get to listen to fun mixes of those bands performing dance music, and there is nothing I love more than a 6 minute video that includes Aretha AND Usher. These guys are one super fun example.

4. A weekend. At home. Or my parents' home, which is 90% as good (the other 10% is my folks' obnoxious pet crow and not being able to park in the garage. woe is me!). We have a small work party tomorrow that is outside delightfulness and then NOTHING. Oh except marathon training. Bleh.

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