Friday, July 27, 2012

The only constant is change

Subtitle: then why aren't my arms getting less itchy?
Subtitle 2: seriously, no less itchy? And an ear infection? Why am I 6 years old all of a sudden?

Some randomness:

My arms still itch, but I clipped my nails so I won't gouge my arms when I scratch like I have been. I'm trying to go all day at work without crazy scratching because it makes my arms look so inflamed and terrible, and like I might have some terrible disease (go google leprosy, it's a rabbit hole you won't soon return from). My mom suggested getting calamine lotion but the heat index yesterday was 109 (it was 91 degrees when we went to bed at 10pm) and the thought of driving somewhere, parking, walking outside, buying something, walking back, driving more, etc. was really unappealing. So instead I complained. Way better option.

In case you can't tell, this ear infection has turned me into quite the negative Nancy. My right ear aches and feels all sloshy and gross. I rolled over to lay on that side multiple times during the night and my damn pillow is so firm (curse you, Tempurpedic!) that it was uncomfortable and woke me up. So now I'm groggy and ear achy? Kill me now. I'm hoping to get some antibiotics thrown my way today to make it all better.

You know what's delicious? Lentils. I had them for dinner and 2 lunches this week in meatball form, and then again for dinner last night on top of brown rice with some asian dressing. They're super filling and yummy.

Running makes my earache go away, stretching (i.e. sloshing all the fluids into my eardrum) makes it feel terrible all over again. I did 5 miles in 45:15 last night, plus cooldown. Here's my slightly tricky progression:

Mile 0-0.1 : 6.0
mile 0.1-0.2: 6.1
mile 0.2-0.3: 6.2
mile 0.3-0.4: 6.3
mile 0.4-0.5: 6.4
mile 0.5-0.6: 6.1
mile 0.6-0.7: 6.2
Mile 1.0-1.1: 6.2
...end at 5 miles at 7.4. whew. Basically stepped up every 0.1 till I reached a multiple of 0.5, then hopped back down, increasing my starting speed by 0.1 each time. Whatever, it made the time pass and I felt fast and pleasantly tired by the end. My legs are finally recovered from Monday's tabata/yoga extravaganza also. Hooray.

Here's hoping the weekend brings wellness for me (and all the people reading because they want to see pictures of baby turkeys. None today, sorry folks, but I'm sure you'll be pleased to read that our resident baby turkeys have gotten quite big and are growing real tail feathers. Soon they'll be all grown up. tear.).

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