Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Poison ivy.

Warning- gross pictures ahead.

On Saturday, I think, I first noticed some ridiculous itchy spots on my forearms. Like, uncontrollably itchy, to the point where it was all I could do to not itch them. I had dot shaped welts and straight line, raised welts. After some discussion, it was decided that it's probably poison ivy. One small detail: I hadn't been outside, doing yardwork, in 6 days. Either I have the most delayed immune response ever, or it's not poison ivy.

Fast forward to Wednesday. I still have the original dots and lines, plus some new ones. They still itch just as badly as they did initially. I'm still grouchy and have trouble getting to sleep because the itching will not go away. Ugh. Nick is very sensitive to poison ivy, and he says my welts look just like his normally do, but the mystery of where and when I came in contact with those plants is totally unknown. Ugh again. I'm going to continue to monitor. Hopefully no new spots come up, because I don't know how much more I can handle. I know I can take Benadryl but that tends to knock me out for 10 hours, and I just don't see myself going to bed at 7:30 tonight. We'll see.

Normal blog talk: yesterday's speedwork was lackluster, sort of. I wanted to do 4 miles of intervals but ended up doing 3 + cooldown. Maybe my intervals were too hard? I did 0.25 @ 6.0, 1% incline, then 0.25 @ 6.0, 5% incline, then 0.25 @ 6.0, 1% incline and 0.25 @ 8.0, 1% incline (on the treadmill. obviously). I did that 3 times, plus 0.25+ cooldown (basically one hill segment, one speed segment, 3 times). Total distance: 3.4 miles in 32 mins. See? Not really impressive stats, but I felt DEAD. The thought of doing another incline segment was unfathomable, I was so ready to cool down. Since I've never done this workout before, I don't have anything to compare it to, but it feels somehow inadequate. Whatever, my legs are tired.

I also spent the entire rest of the night cleaning the house and doing laundry. Things are sort of feeling like a normal home again! I don't know if my butt and legs hurt from Sunday's long run, Monday's Tabata/yoga, yesterday's intervals, or just climbing the damn stairs a trillion times putting stuff away. Nick's mother may also be visiting sometime in August (which is next week, so I'm pretty much freaking out), so my night of doing very minimal housework was full of moments of "omg, I'm going to have to scrub the baseboards too!" and "have the light switch covers always been this dirty?!" I'm calm. I swear.

And here's the picture. You didn't have to scroll down this far, really...
Right hand, just the bumps at the top. So much more grossness is not pictured.

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