Monday, July 30, 2012

Long run # 2

Subtitle: Marathon training- not yet miserable, but starting to be less fun.

But we'll get to that in a minute. Nick and I had a jam-packed Friday. We went swimming, I had a doctor's appointment (where she accurately said that my ear infection is just swimmer's ear- an outer ear infection, and can be easily cured with rubbing alcohol and patience. She was correct) and then we went ice skating! I bought a Groupon a couple months ago and we finally got around to using it. It was a lot of fun and kind of tiring. Nick killed me with his reverse skating ability (I can skate in reverse...slowly... while staring at the ground)

Hi I don't put on makeup after swimming.

Saturday we went shopping and enjoyed a nice day off. Well, I did. Nick did lots of stuff around the house while I participated in a research study in Baltimore that required me to lay immobile in an MRI machine for 2 hours. It was not a ton of fun.

And Sunday... oh Sunday. Last week's 8 miles was pleasant, really. We felt good. I remarked I didn't feel totally drained after the run, and we spent the rest of the day being productive and pretty happy. This weekend... meh. We had had a hectic week, with no sleeping in, and I didn't set an alarm on Saturday night. I knew this was potentially a deal breaker since it gets warm so quickly, and I secretly hoped it would be 95 degrees when we woke up and we could spend all morning and afternoon watching Mad Men and doing laundry. I aim super high.

Instead, it was a balmy 80something when we woke up. After breakfast and coffee we lazed about for a little... and it was still 80something. C'mon, weather gods! Force me to stay on the couch! But no. We sunscreened up and headed down the road a couple miles to do a loop that Nick mapped out that went on some country roads. It was warm, but not too hot. Nick carried a water bottle that probably saved our lives. We started out as we (I) always do... too fast. The first 7 miles sailed by pretty well, and the average pace was 9:18. Pretty solid. And then... hill!
see the step change in pace, aligned with the hill?

The thing is, I don't really even remember a hill. I remember being tired and counting down miles and HATING the mandarin orange Gu flavor and being thirsty but not wanting water and complaincomplaincomplain. I remember seeing my Garmin pace drop but not being capable of speeding up. I remember thinking that I wanted to walk and if I just got to 2 miles left we could run/walk the rest of the way. Then just 1 mile left. Then 0.5 left. Then we were done! If Nick had not been with me, I probably would have run/walked the last 3 miles. Instead, we slowed down, but kept running.

Nick remarked at the end that the pace felt comfortable, and I guess I was just obsessing about the numbers because it felt comfortable to me too. 9:39 average pace? Pretty sure that's quicker than any of my 5+ mile runs last year! I'll take it. This run still felt hard and I was so happy it was over.

After we got home and drank a ton of water, I also had GNC egg protein mixed with about a cup of almond milk and a cup of water. It was delicious, and my legs feel great today. I'm totally buying into the protein recovery drink deal because my muscles have been behaving so well the last couple weeks. It certainly can't hurt.

And now it's Monday and I'm wearing a black and white skirt with a navy blue top and trying not to eat everything in sight. Life is hard. 

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