Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Intervals scare me a little. Or a lot. I'm always worried that whatever run speed I choose won't be fast enough and I'll be 4 miles into a run and not tired/bored. I did this the other week at home, I ran short little 0.15 @ 8 / 0.1 @ 6 intervals and it was just not the most exciting workout. I ended up lengthening the intervals but by then I was bored and ended with a not-stellar run overall. Yesterday I was worried about the opposite- I wanted to do longer intervals, so I upped the distance and lowered the speed (this was also done on the work treadmill, where interval speeds can be programmed very easily):

0.5 @ 6.5
(0.4 @ 7.5, 0.1 @ 6.5)  x 5
0.11 @ 7.5
0.5 @ 6.5
Cool down @ 6, 5, 4

This was almost too tiring. I think my "jog" speed was a little too high, so those little 0.1 segments were not nearly long enough for me to recover, and I was not ready for the next round when it was time to speed up. Next time I think I might lengthen the run to 0.5 @ 7.5 and run the recoveries at 6.0 (but I really love running nice, round intervals that sum up to something easy to calculate).

Anywhoooo. The other day after kayaking in our new boats for a brief but eye-opening trip (river currents are strong. who knew?) I did a round of Tabata intervals. I didn't even have anything planned, but I had vague dreams of doing 4 exercises x 2. Well... I ended up doing 8 random ones. Then I promptly forgot about doing them and went on with my life.

Yesterday ALL DAY I wondered why my legs and butt hurt. This morning (2 days later) I finally figured it out. It's weird to me that I completely forgot jumping lunges, but maybe I was trying to block them out?

Here's me holding a baby and Nick holding a beer at our work party this weekend. Me: baby. Nick: beer. hmmm....

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