Monday, July 9, 2012

I took a vacation

From running. And eating reasonably. And the internet. It was glorious. 10 days straight with this guy and we still like each other:
Oh you wanted more creepy face? And two people who aren't super good at knowing where to look to focus on the camera? This picture is my gift to you.

I'll give a very quick update and maybe some more details later.
- Drove ~1500 miles
- "Hiked" the highest peaks in Virginia, Kentucky, and West Virginia (only truly hiked one but the other two would not have really qualified as hikes even if we had tried hard)
- Ran very low on water on our one overnight, primitive camping night
- Awoke to PONIES! right outside our tent in Grayson Highlands National Park
- Ate some very good food.
- Slept outside even though it was 95 degrees out
- Went CAVING!
- Visited Mammoth Caves National Park and wanted to crawl in a cave and live forever
- Watched the fireworks in Lexington, KY
- Ran a 5K in 25:26 which is the exact same time as my last 5K in April which was a mega PR for me, and this race was 1) miserably hot even at 8am, 2) hilly, grassy, and annoyingly twisty, 3) long- my Garmin said 3.16 miles, 4) hot? did I mention the hot? 5) after a poor night's sleep 6) after 3 days of camping, sleeping on the ground, and not doing running conducive things. So I'm calling it a PR re-creation except under terrible conditions and I'd like to think it means I might have sort of gotten faster. Ish. Nick ran super fast again and got 2nd in his age group (he was 15th overall!)
-came home to a dead garden and a 97 degree house. Ugh.

A quick 5K recap- we almost missed the race because we were going to stay the night at Mammoth and drive about an hour to the race in the morning. That would have meant we went from Central time (at mammoth) to Eastern time (at the race). Luckily, we were both feeling miserably hot enough to bail on our campsite and head to a hotel closer to the race instead. And we crossed that time zone line and our cell phones recognized it and we were relieved and all was well. It meant an hour less sleep, but oh well.

The race was small and we had not pre-registered, but registration was a breeze. I paid by check. check! 2007 called and it wants its method of payment back. We then hung out for almost an hour waiting for the start, getting warm and antsy. At the starting line, the National Anthem was played over a loudspeaker but the sound system failed a few bars into it... after a second of quiet, the crowd piped up and sang the rest of the Anthem together. It was goose-bump inducing and a wonderful way to start the 4th of July. The race itself started off crowded and I ran a stupid fast 7:41 (downhill) first mile, followed by a "I cannot possibly maintain this pace but I'm going to die trying" second mile and a "this race course is dumb and I hate running" third mile. The course was quite hilly and doubled back on itself like 6 times. Silly. I tried to run tangents but didn't suceed, as evidenced by my slightly long Garmin distance. I was pretty dead at the end of the race, I definitely ran hard. I wish I were faster.

In other news, today is sort of the start of marathon training but we're still trying to get our lives back together (12 hours before we left for the trip, a monster storm hit and tore off shingles and broke apart several trees) (oh and our air conditioners PLURAL are broken) (oh and I don't think I've felt rested in 2 weeks) (oh and whining is my favorite). So... marathon training might consist of cleaning up brush in the yard. Totally counts as cross training.

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