Monday, July 23, 2012

First real long run!

Nick and I did our first real long run of this training cycle. Woo! I was so excited to report that and then I looked at the training schedule that I had worked out a few weeks ago and it had 10 on the schedule. oops? I really, really thought it was 8. Damn. Oh well, the 8 still feels like a victory. We had planned on starting out relatively early from my parents' house (we were birdsitting over the weekend) but instead I slept in, lazed about for a couple hours, and when it came time to run it turned out Nick had forgotten to pack (super important) running shoes. Oops again? We've been going back and forth and back and forth between the 2 houses for 4.5 weeks, so remembering where everything is has been challenging.

Despite feeling like this was a sign from the running gods that we should just give up, eat some scrambled eggs and watch some Mad Men, I kept my complaints to myself, only dragged my feet a tiny amount, and we headed out around noon. Luckily, Sunday's weather was glorious. It had rained overnight and was cool(er) and intermittently overcast. I think it was around 80 when we headed out? That plus a slight breeze made for a good time. We both ran with music and chugged along. After an 8:58 first mile I tried to dial it back a bit. We finished in 1:13:36, for a 9:12 average. What's that, you're supposed to run long runs at a min/mile slower than race pace? Well. That didn't happen. 9 min miles are comfortable and I felt good and that's what I went with. So there. I know we might slow down a little during the upcoming longer runs, but I'll deal as that happens.

What I ate-
Night before- seaweed salad and a cucumber roll and 2 avocado rolls. And a bunch of popcorn. And ice cream?
Day of- banana upon waking. Toast with peanut butter about 2 hours before run. HUGE ASS iced coffee like 30 minutes before (dumb). Gu with caffeine at mile 4. Recovery protein drink, sandwich, V8, apple and Triscuits after. And then all the Thai food for dinner. Yum.

How I felt-
Comfortable, no major pains while running. No real chafing. Good times all around. A little sluggish the last 2 miles, but never any worries about finishing.

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