Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Excited about Training!

Subtitle: Using exclamation points to lie
Subtitle 2: if you don't complain all the time, your boyfriend will like you more.

After this storm slammed our area and much of the rest of the mid-Atlantic (also check out the pictures here of this type of storm...yikes), Nick's front yard was left with several downed trees. This also happened last year following Hurricane Irene, but the trees/branches that came down this time seemed to be even more sizeable. We spent Monday chainsawing and hauling tree bits away, trying to get the yard to look reasonable. Nick's a whiz with the chainsaw, and I'm afraid of it, so I left that part to him. Instead I picked up branches, loaded them in the lawn tractor and chucked them in the woods. I'm pretty much living the dream. Between that and camping last week, I feel like I should get a merit badge. Then we went on a run and I DIDN'T COMPLAIN. At least not audibly. Nick and I did our normal 3.5 mile out and back and I didn't wear a shirt and no one died. The end.

But really, I don't mind the hauling at all... until the next day. Sore, tired hamstrings from repeated bending over and slightly achy arms. We swam Tuesday night, which was one of the harder swims I've done lately... maybe because it had been 2 weeks since I'd been in the pool? I swam 2300 in 45 minutes and was tired and ravenous by the end. I've been using MyFitnessPal for calorie guesstimates, and I knew that with my food intake plus swim yesterday I had a ton (>800) calories left for dinner. So I had 2 huge beers and most of a pizza? I think I may have actually broken even, or come close to it. I'm not obsessing about calories but I'm becoming way more interested in them to ensure that the Marathon Training Hunger Monster does not start to dominate my life, or that I end up undereating and screwing myself performance-wise.  And to ensure that I'm getting enough protein. And because it's fun/terrifying to find out that the pasta you just ate technically qualifies as 4 servings and therefore dinner should consist of concentrated air.

Speaking of training, I made a Google Docs spreadsheet with a tentative training plan. Cliff Notes version: 3 run days, 1 long, 1 speed, 1 medium length. One swim day and one bike day a week, and an optional extra workout day. I'm thinking I'll do either short runs and strength training or some other kind of activity those days. I scheduled them for Fridays, and since I tend to get off work early on Friday and have a more open schedule, it would be nice to use those days for some different workouts or more relaxed runs. And Saturdays are rest. Ahhh. November 10, here we come!

Oh I haven't registered yet? Should get on that...

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