Thursday, July 26, 2012

Arm bumps.

So here's what my arm looks like now:
*artist's rendition. Not to scale.

Yeah. I am still getting new bumps. My dad sent me a blurb about how the first time you're exposed to poison ivy it can take 10-21 days for bumps to develop- so if I really did get exposed on July 15, this whole enjoyable process could continue for many more days. They're still not getting better, and I'm developing new ones too. Huzzah. I adore looking leper-ific.

Oh, AND, because I wasn't icky enough, I also have an ear infection. My jaw is achy, my ear keeps popping and it's draining like crazy to my throat. It's delightful. Why am I so gross all of a sudden? Did my immune system just decide to be a wuss this week? Uncool. I'm gonna need my white blood cells to pick up the slack because feeling sorta crappy isn't going to be a lot of fun during our 10 mile long run this weekend.

Yesterday- bike ride! I thought it was a record for the big loop by our house, but it was not. We finished 2.5 minutes faster when we biked with my dad the other day, which blows my mind. That's about 8 seconds/mile faster than we did yesterday! And I felt just about dead at the end of the ride yesterday. So of course for dinner I had 2 Boca Mushroom burgers (taste like feet, sorry Boca), and a salad with tons of cheese. Burning almost 1000 calories is awesome, but eating enough to make up those calories is actually not fun. Biking doesn't make me as hungry as running (it makes me hungry, don't you worry, but less so). If I had run for an hour instead of biking for an hour, I would have eaten a house for dinner, but last night I struggled to get through 2 burgers. Weird. Nick had some delicious looking chicken wrap things that I really wanted to eat instead of my mushroom/foot sandwich, but with fake chicken or something. I really did not like those burgers.

Tonight I'm debating running on the treadmill versus running in the heat index of ~110. Considering how terrible I felt after the run last week in the 97ish degree heat, I'm thinking treadmill is the way to go. It is more beneficial to get in the miles than it is to heat acclimate to that heat. Maybe we need to start fitting in morning runs, but I'm so not crazy about that idea.

In some pretty exciting news, I'm now taking prescription strength iron. At Nick's very smart suggestion, I'm going to take it right before bed so it has lots of time to absorb and for my body to get all iron-y. This is exciting news because it means I can drink daytime coffee! Whenever I want! I could have a second cup of coffee immediately after my first and not have to worry about how it'll affect my stupid iron levels. This is a minor victory for me, although it means I'm still on a freaking prescription. Whatever, I'll take what I can get, and a minor improvement in quality of life is better than nothing.

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