Thursday, June 28, 2012

Things I don't like

I'm actually feeling back to normal, pretty much, although I ignored my 6am alarm and stuck around in bed until 6:35. Oops. But BED! Off the couch now...though the A/C still isn't fixed. It seemed to work for a little while and then... not so much. It was having a lot of trouble decreasing temperature at all. Lame. We're hoping to get them back in to look at it soon but thank goodness we're going to be out of town this weeked. The heat index is >100. Yikes.

I'm still feeling pretty negative in general as I get pre-vacation anstiness. So I thought I'd talk about things I don't like. Because complaining is fun.

Yeah yeah. I know they're "so delicious" and "good for you" and whatever but ick. Slimy. And in guacomole? No thanks, unless it's loaded with lime juice, onions and tomatoes and then I'll have a taste. My one positive avocado experience (PAE) was in a wrap with sprouts, some other dressing, and tons of veggies. It was positive because I couldn't tell it was there.

First of all, when you search for "squash" you get this in your sidebar on Google:

Dude... why would anyone be related to squash? Oh wait.. it's also a sport. Carry on.

Squash, the vegetable, is terrible. Except zucchni and summer squash. They're fine. I think I am ok with them because they're not squishy. Add to this list: sweet potatoes. I cannot have anything to do with them. They are everything that mashed potatoes are not- slimy and sad. Again, I know these are like zomg the best! veggies! evar! but I'll pass. I'll take a multivitamin 800 times a day if it means I don't have to choke down sweet potatoes or squash. Squashes? Squash?


First off, she looks graceful in a way I never will. Second- I super swear my body doesn't bend the right way to do yoga like it's supposed to be performed. I did yoga on the Wii the other day, which I gather is to yoga what tricycling is to cycling, and it was awful! Triangle pose requires me to turn my shoulders in a way they don't turn. Not one bit. It is not relaxing to me, it's just silly. I hear about people going to yoga and how it's so good for strength training and this is actually one hate of mine I wish I could get over. I know yoga is super good for you. Stretch, strengthen, prevent injury. All that good stuff. I might (big might) try a class at some point to see what it's like in a class setting and maybe enjoy it. But let's not hold our breath. I hear breathing is big in yoga.

As far as my regular life, Nick and I did a quick 30 minutes at the pool yesterday, and I did a bunch of sprints which are HARD. Normally I chug along steadily for 30 minutes or more, but adding the intervals had me tired and a little sore today. Very good. Tonight I'll run, and maybe tomorrow also, and then we will set off on our mid-Atlantic driving extravaganza for 9 days which will involves lots and lots of hiking and very little running. It will be a nice change!


  1. I used to hate avocados and squash too. A lot of my food aversions were from childhood because my mom wasn't a good cook. Once I became an adult and learned how to cook, I liked a lot of things I used to hate (including squash and avocados!).

  2. Lisa, I agree, some of my dislike is from negative experiences as a kid. I'll try and keep an open mind....maybe a squash dish will surprise me someday :)

  3. Lisa, I agree, some of my dislike is from negative experiences as a kid. I'll try and keep an open mind....maybe a squash dish will surprise me someday :)