Friday, June 15, 2012


As I discussed earlier in the week, marathon training is in the forefront of my mind again. And with training comes my most/least favorite thing... routine. I love making plans! At the beginning of the week I try and write down the meal/workout/to-do list plan for Nick and me for the week. But then, sometimes I feel like the "Run" listed for Tuesday and Thursday just hangs over my head... I guess I love having a plan, but I hate actually executing it? The funny thing is, I didn't really want to run yesterday, but I know if something else had gotten in the way of running, I would have been beyond irritated. I'm silly like that.

Speaking of running- yesterday's run was a bit of a surprise. I did a four mile out and back that Nick and I have done several times. This is the one that includes an enormous downhill from mile 1.75-2, and therefore an enormous uphill from mile 2-2.25. Blech. My mile times were:
7:50 (huge downhill, but still warms my heart)
8:27 (legs tired)
8:00 for the last 0.4

I know I say this a lot but I'm not speedy. Not even a little bit. But somehow, the stars aligned and I was kinda fast for those 4 miles. Even my "tired legs" mile was almost as fast as most of my 5ks. The weather was nice, traffic cooperated, and I was alone so I just wanted to be done.
I wore my most obnoxious colored shorts and shoes. Since I ran alone I wanted Nick to be able to identify my body if I got hit by a car. I'm the best girlfriend ever. Also I swear my shorts fit...

Speaking of 5Ks, there's a local one after work 2 weeks from yesterday. I think that's a neat time of day for a race.

Now for the weekend- where things are the opposite of routine. Nick and I are swimming today (he's injured and running hasn't felt great for him lately), maybe a run tomorrow? I also need to get to work on a marathon training schedule and plan for a road trip in 2 weeks. Fun stuff.

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