Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Just me bitching.

Subtitle: The week that hates me.

Subtitle 2: No, really, I'm going to complain a lot.

Sunday: return from weekend away after receiving call on Saturday afternoon that I'll need to work Sunday at 6pm. Try and nap. Fail. Come into work at 6pm for a 10 hour, uneventful (thankfully) shift. Eat 11 servings of lo mein, KFC mac and cheese (I had been up for 20 hours. Lay off) (it still tasted terrible and I 100% regret it). Go home and crash around 4.

Monday: wake up at 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11am, and 12pm. Finally get out of bed the couch where we're sleeping because the A/C is broken. Receive call that I don't have to work that night. now what? Run 3.5 warm but pleasant miles with Nick. Have dinner with Nick. All in all, a very good day. Fall asleep between 12 and 1am.

Tuesday: wake up at 6, 7, and 8am. Remember that the A/C guy is coming between 8 and 1. Transfer from bed to couch downstairs so I can hear the doorbell. Sleep terribly from 8-9:30 because FLIES ARE LANDING ON MY FACE. I swear we don't have trash just sitting around, but for some reason we have flies. Anyways. The A/C guy comes and wakes me up and asks "where is the air conditioner I'm supposed to fix?" And I stare at him. And I call Nick. I'm such a loser. I knew where it was but my brain was so messed up at that point. Hung around the house for a while then did 4.1 terrible miles on the treadmill (you know it's bad when you're counting down tenths of a mile starting at 1.5 miles in) while the repair guy did his thing. Went to work at 1:30. Worked until 8 when I was told I could go home. W.t.f. Had weird surge of energy at home and did all the things until midnight, then tried to sleep from midnight until 1:30 or so. Finally slept 1:30-7.

Today: Calling everyone by the wrong names. Grammar eludes me. Even watching this video (I swear I'm an adult, but man that song is catchy and Jimmy Fallon makes everything better) will not cheer me up. There's still a slight potential we'll need to switch back to nights for the next couple days and if that happens I will just break down and cry.

We're leaving for a 9 day driving vacation starting on SATURDAY. That's like 3 days away. W.t.f. again. I'm so not ready for anything and just want normalcy.

Annnd... I'm done.

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