Thursday, June 14, 2012


So sporadic updates make it harder to do thorough updates. Lame. Let's see...

Last week I ran a couple times (I think) and went on a ~21 mile bike ride with Nick. He adjusted the brakes on our bikes and it makes a world of difference. Also? Padded shorts? Miracle invention. For real. They make riding long(er) distances totally doable. I wish I remembered more about the runs but they were pretty uneventful. Friday I biked with my dad for about 12 miles to see if I can keep up with him (he's a legit biker, has a fancy bike, does 50 milers like it's nothing). I sort of kept up with him. He had me try drafting which was scary and mentally challenging. He bikes with a group that's about 40 minutes from where we live, which is inconvenient but doable. I dunno if I'm ready to ride with the big guys, especially on my aging mountain bike, but we'll see. I know to do a half Ironman in the next year or so (you know, because throwing around the idea of a half Ironman is something NORMAL PEOPLE DO) I need to ride a lot more. And get a new bike. And I also want a kayak. Life is hard.

Saturday Nick and I went to an Orioles game and had a great time. We ate/drank at Alewife in Baltimore... getting a recommendation to go to this place was the best thing that has ever happened to us. They have an insane beer selection, ridiculously good food (chipotle mayo. on everything), and a super cute interior. We both had IPA flights (a bar that lets you have a flight of ONLY IPAs wins at everything) and discovered new beers we're loving- Hop Head Red for Nick and Lagunitas Lucky 13 for me. So good.
Then we watched a baseball game and looked ridiculous. The usual.

Sunday was our anniversary (aww) so Nick surprised me with sushi dinner and tickets to see Kimbra, The Kooks, and Foster the People. I don't think I've been to a live show in over a year, so maybe I'm biased, but this was the best combination of bands I've ever seen and Foster the People put on the best show. Ever ever ever. The lead singer seemed so genuinely happy to be there, I might have fallen a little in love with how humble and grateful he seemed to be. Oh and we were in the "second" row (the pit was in front of us, second row of seats) so we could see the stage really well (and when Kimbra finished her fun set, she stood in the pit like 3 feet from us and sweetly signed autographs). Foster the People had a super cool backdrop (the sun's face changed during the song, an astronaut popped out of it at one point and started blowing bubbles). Their set was also really well put together, the songs flowed well into one another and the energy levels rose and fell perfectly. Oh, and in addition to the bubbles, there were also paper airplanes, a marching band, 10 foot tall inflatable figures, and confetti. It was in. sane. I've never had that much fun at a show. I know it sounds like rainbows and unicorns were involved, but I cannot say enough good things. So glad Nick had that idea!!

This picture tries to capture the insanity but fails.

We also took Monday off and relaxed a lot.. and got super lost coming home from DC because I am unable to follow GPS directions. Bleh. We saw Snow White and the Hunstmen (beautiful movie but I'm a major Kristen Stewart hater).

Tuesday I jumped back into the work/workout grind. 6.5 miles on the treadmill because it was raining. Yesterday Nick and I did a seemingly neverending 26 mile bike ride on a trail. Perfect weather, great hydration and snacks.. and we were still majorly spent by the time it was done. Today will be 4ish miles... outside because running near roadkill builds character.

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