Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Big “T” Training and OBX Part 2

It’s that time again… marathon training pondering time. Ugh. I feel like I’ve been in training for something in my mind continuously forever. Marathon last year. Unofficial 5k “training.” Half marathon. I tend to rebel when it’s what I call big “T” Training, something with a set schedule and required progression and all that. Last year I took a lot of runs off from my schedule because I was “listening to my body.” Ha. I was lazy and unwilling to run in the heat. End of story. I did have nagging aches and pains, but nothing that stuck with me throughout. I definitely could have pushed harder and probably seen a faster time. Note: I do not regret ANYTHING about Marine Corps last year. The race itself was so mind-blowingly good, I cannot really imagine how it would have been if I had a real time goal. Just finishing it was more than enough for me. Also- I was SUPER DUPER anemic last year, and my pace reflected that. It is night and day when you compare this year to last as far as my fitness abilities as well as capabilities- I’m just way better at running this year.
So yeah. Training might be easier this year since I'm feeling much better, but mentally? Still not my thing. Another 5 days a week of running, 18 week plan? Oof. Nick also doesn't really want to do 5 days a week, we're both definitely more comfortable with 3 days and some cross training- although I would most likely end up doing 4 days, 2 cross training and 1 total rest. It's summer. I'd like to be able to kayak and bike and hike without sacrificing training. And we're really active otherwise too...

Long story short, I'm waffling about jumping into another program in early July to prepare for a November marathon. So here's some more Outer Banks pictures!
Nick and I defying gravity on the Big Bounce. It's a bouncy castle mixed with a trampoline and it is so crazy fun. Our cabin was a lot like the ones in the background. On stilts, just in case the tide rose 8 feet... which actually happens in the Outer Banks and would terrify me.
My toes were green all weekend. I like it.
This lovely photo (I swear I am wearing shorts. They're just pretty short) shows the burn I got on my legs from bike shorts. Nick and I did 19 miles or so on Saturday morning and it was awesome... except for the halfway point when we turned around and realized we'd been biking with a tailwind for >9 miles. And had to go home. Blech.

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