Friday, June 22, 2012

Another weekend...

...another trip out of town. I went to fill up the car yesterday and Nick looked at my little gas tracking book (my parents have always kept track of EVERY tank of gas that goes into their vehicles, and it trickled down to me when I bought one of their cars. It's neat to track gas mileage and marvel at gas price changes since the car was purchased.) and saw that I hadn't purchased gas since June 11... how is that possible?!? Usually it's every 5-7 days. Then we thought about last weekend... and how we didn't go anywhere. And how wonderful that was. Then I cried. Nick and I also drive to work together most weekdays, which saves a lot of money (for me, cutting out the 45 mile round-trip 2x a week means 90 miles/week saved which means ~3 gallons which means $10+. Those extra $10 will buy me a haircut someday).

But that life of little driving is not going to happen again this weekend. This afternoon we're headed to Frederick again to tour Flying Dog Brewery again. Ugh. Life is hard when it's an endless string of brewery tours. And actually, I'm pretty excited about leaving the hosue because we're STILL without air conditioning and the upstairs temp was 93 degrees yesterday. I wish I was kidding. Downstairs was fine, so we're living it up on the couch still. I am pumped to sleep in a bed, even if it's a hotel bed.

We're also going to Frederick for a work "conference" for young professionals. It's an opportunity to network and socialize. I lined up one of the speakers for the conference and got his resume yesterday so I could prepare an introduction for him. This dude has some serious credentials- Naval Academy graduate, project manager on huge projects, lots of technical expertise. I want to be him.

But getting back to me having to introduce this guy. Oy. I don't mind public speaking to folks I know- we provide training to our coworkers pretty regularly at work. But 40some strangers? No thanks. I'm sure it'll go fine, and if I end up puking on the podium at least it'll be memorable. I might take after Mad Men and have a morning glass of whiskey (totally kidding) (kinda sorta).

Imaginary segue.

Workout yesterday was my triumphant return to the elliptical at the work gym. Or... 30 minutes of remembering that I don't use those muscles very often, followed by 10x2 w/ 50 lb. deadlifts and other random weights. I tweaked my left hamstring but it feels alright today. And today is a rest day. Hallelujah.

I leave you with a picture of some adorable baby turkeys. We have a turkey family that wanders through Nick's backyard every few days to eat a few of the abundant insects we have. The babies look something like this, and there are 4 or 5 of them that trail behind their mother. Last night they were hanging out under a tree, chomping away, when a bird flew by. The babies instinctively squatted down under the tree and then popped back up once the bird flew away. It was really neat, I swear. We haven't gotten a good picture of the babies but they look something like this.
Tiny brown cuteness.

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