Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pain in the foot

The half was on Sunday, and on Monday I rested. Sort of. We did yard work for a couple of hours and got my upper body (but mostly my forearms) good and sore. Tuesday was one of the first near-90 days we've had so far, and I chose to celebrate it by running in the air conditioning. Oh treadmill. You complete me. I did 5 miles, fast, because I just wasn't feeling too tired. Weird... Did I not run a half 2 days ago?

Tuesday morning my foot tried to separate itself from my body when I stepped out of bed. Major shooting pain along my arch, towards the top of my foot. It only lasted about 10 steps but it was enough to wake me up and get me worried. The rest of the day was uneventful as far as pain. I swam 2200 meters and had a delightful time.

This morning, once again, ow. Stabbing occurred. Grumbling occurred. It worked itself out again within a minute. Tonight I'm kayaking for a little low intensity workout and hopefully another rest day helps it relax a little more. I'm not too worried, but if this continues it'll be something to get checked.

This weekend it's off to the Outer Banks!

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