Friday, May 25, 2012

Ideal workout week

Subtitle: Does not equal ideal taper week

Nick was gone for 2/5 days this week. So I had extra time on my hands. Also, it was rainy out so I had legitimate excuses to run on the treadmill. These things combined to make the PERFECT WORKOUT WEEK.

Oh yes. I said it. I should also say that if you check back with me in 3 days after I've run (or crawled or whatever) 13.1 miles, maybe I will not be so positive about this week. Glycogen stores are made to be depleted. Anywho.

Monday: 5.25 miles on treadmill, FAST! All miles were sub-9:00. And a 2% grade (I think). Then 8 minute Buns and 8 Minute Legs. PS if I never hear the word "bun" again it'll be too soon. 8 minute BUTT. I also hate "glutes."

Tuesday: My quads were sore from working out my buns. Bun just sounds like such a made up word. "10 Minute Solution: Kickboxing somethign something something" (I really just love choosing stuff from Netflix that will totally confuse the computers that are trying to trend Nick's viewing preference. "He likes Dexter... Always Sunny in Philadelphia... and.. Pilates!?!?!?"). It was like 50 minutes and not too intense but it was something.

Wednesday: incline run on treadmill. I don't remember exact what I did but it was something like 0.4 mile intervals, 0.3 miles at 2% grade and the last 0.1 at 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7%. Holy moly. It was hard. I only did them at 6.0 mph but still it was killer. The second half was 0.4 mile increments but I did 0.2 at 2% and 6.0, 0.1 at 6.1 and bumped up grade, and 0.1 at 6.2 with same grade. If you can't tell, I need some variety to keep me interested. Total distance was around 4.5.

Thursday: The piece de resistance: 20 mile bike ride. Nick and I went to the Indian Head Rail Trail and it was glorious.  The weather was lovely and overcast, there were a few runners and bikers but not too many. It was a little hard on the bun though. My buns were uncomfortable. Bun discomfort is the worst. We finished up in about 80 minutes which is 4 min/mile. Not blazing fast, but it was challenging (and supposedly burned 800-ish calories?!?).

Today: 3 miles, outside, maybe. Also, eating ALL THE CARBS!

Saturday: rest. Glorious rest and Memorial Day parties where I will stare longingly at the beer all around me, not drink any much, and rest my buns.

Sunday: My 3rd 13.1. Do it.

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