Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hit "Publish"

Subtitle: What is.... things Laurel can't do?!

Subtitle 2: Isn't publish an awfully lofty word for a freaking blog post? Right? Publish!? It's words on the internet.

I have quite literally 7 draft posts that I have started and then never "published." I don't have anything to share with the world. I've been doing a lot, so one of the posts was about being busy (of course), and I've been really happy, so another post was about being happy. A third post was about biking. Another one about how I've been runnning more frequently yet not hating my life. None of these sound all that gripping, right? Yeah, so I spared you. You're welcome (note: misuse of you're vs. your welcome is what keeps me up at night. YOUR WELCOME? THE WELCOME THAT BELONGS TO YOU? DOES NOT COMPUTE.)

Here's some pictures.

Photographic evidence that I actually took my back tire off my bike, had my dad replace the tube, and then put it back on. All by myself. It only took 2 Youtube videos to figure out how to orient the chain/derailleur complex. And then I tried to unbutton my khakis before washing my hands. No matter how badly you need to pee, you have time to wash your hands first. Promise. I bought that ring at the Maryland Craft Beer Festival the other weekend (I told you I've been busy!), and it is awesome. Aside from turning slightly yellow when I go swimming, it's great.

I went to Career Day at a local elementary school. The kids? Loved me. I got hugs.... from the teachers. Jk. Sort of. Anyways, I think they enjoyed the presentation mostly because I passed around the pinwheel. Yes, I use a pinwheel and clay to describe my job. It's highly technical. Side note: Nick and I were at the store looking for the pinwheel and he claimed we wouldn't be able to find one because "What decade are we in again?!" Solid argument, but it's almost Memorial Day and pinwheels are neat and grandparents will buy them for their kids. So there. It was also like 97 cents. Win.

We're trying to grow some new little jade plants. These guys were cut from our big jade plant and we've been waiting for over 2 weeks for them to sprout. Now, when you pull on them they have some resistance so we think that means there's roots! Yay!

In less successful plant news- my orchid is dying. The leaves are still in great shape but the stalk is brown? What's that about? I'm still watering it, but I don't have a lot of hope. I thought orchids were supposed to be sort of death-resistant.

Nick and I went to Philadelphia, ran 3 miles from his sister's house to the Philadelphia Art Museum, and got this picture of 48% of my face, 100% of Rocky and 100% of Nick (I see your preferences, dear boyfriend, and  I'm not pleased. Jk, phone pics are a pain and there were tons of people. Do better next time.).
I bought this stuff from GNC online when I had a weird moment where I realized I need both more protein AND more calcium in my diet. And it was buy one, get one 50% and free shipping soooo.... it basically bought itself. This has both nutrients (50% RDV Calcium, 15 g protein). It also tastes slightly like death to me, but I can choke it down. I know I could make it into a delicious smoothie if I could get over my hatred of dishes and just use the damn food processor, but I refuse. I'll dissolve it in water, choke it down, complain and go on with my life. PS/TMI the "digestive enzymes" they speak of do something pretty ridiculous to my digestive system. They might be a little too enzymatic for me.

Nick and I and a random kid on the "Ricochet" at King's Dominion Amusement Park (Exhibit B in the How Busy I've Been Museum). It's hard to tell, but Nick and I are being SUPER unenthused (on purpose). Nick nailed it, I'm giving 50% duckface. I think all of our displaced enthusiasm spilled over onto excited kid in front of us. He had a blast.

This is the forecast for our half on Sunday... no comment. Granted, we'll be running from ~7:45-~9:45 (or like 10:30 if we're being realistic), so it won't quite be 90. But still. Hottttttt. Whiiiiiine.

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