Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5.5 "happy" miles

I've been a wee bit grumpy lately. As I stated in my last post, running has been mentally incredibly tough for me lately. I've tried to think all sorts of positive thoughts, because I'm pretty sure I've actually been running faster than I ever have before, but I still do not want to set foot outside the house for a run. Ever. Never ever ever ever. Yesterday Nick and I had planned on running all day but then it was cloudy/drizzling and we needed to stop at the grocery store and I was tired and I was hungry and and and....

You get the idea. Luckily, Nick is not susceptible to my whining. He wasn't feeling 100% either but still pushed us out the door. I stalled by fussing with my shoelaces and wailing and generally acting like a child but eventually I sucked it up and headed out.

We went a different direction than usual, which was a nice change. I wore different shoes. It was overcast with a few random raindrops, so the weather was perfect. I tried to capture all these positive bits and use them to power through the run.

I think I can stop right now. I think I can head back home. I think I can... (source)

No dice. I was stuck in hate mode. Instead, I focused on how fresh my legs felt after 3 days of not running at all (we went on a mini-vacation Friday-Sunday and running was not on the agenda). They were not achy, or tired, or anything. Physically, I felt great. So I ran fast and tried to pay attention to the cool stuff my legs let me do when they're feeling good. Nick suggested a slightly longer than normal run, even though I had contemplated going home about 75,000 times already. We turned around a little less than 3 miles from home. The run back was definitely more about getting home and being done. When we finished, Nick remarked that I was running a little fast. Fact. I was tired but not dead. I was happy to be home. I was sort of happy to have run, at least so I didn't have the lack of run guilt hanging over my head.

I am not sure why I'm in this funk. I am hoping to take a little running hiatus and maybe change things up after the half marathon. Hopefully that will help matters, because no one likes a complainer.

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  1. have to say i'm loving Nick right now for pushing u out the door. ;) we all go thru funks and usually it's just pushing thru it for a bit. that said if u're burnt out try some stuff to keep it interesting ie: new route, speedy sessions etc...don't worry that passion will come back. :)