Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday Things + anemiupdate

I just had to check calendar after I typed that title. Is it really Thursday? It is! Phew.

My legs. Oh my legs. I did more Tabata nonsense on Tuesday since I was home all by myself. The first 4 minutes are high knees, followed by 4 minutes of burpees, followed by 4 minutes of jumping lunges. I made it through the lunges but my thighs were on fire and I knew I would be in pain later. The video instructor slowed down majorly during the last 3 intervals and I followed her lead. The next 4 minutes were supposed to be super low froggy squats (I don't know the real name) with little hops in between. I did 2 intervals of those before I called it a day and did some abs. I thought I was saving myself from suffering. Ha.

I spent the rest of the night hobbling around the house, thinking that maybe, just maybe I would not make it up the stairs the next time I needed to go up them. I racked my brain for why I would be that feeling so weak, I had eaten plenty, had a big dinner, rehydrated, etc. Little did I know my body was trying to keep my stationary and keep my muscles from being more damaged.

(note: as I re-read and edited this, I realized how dramatic I am. I know people feel real pain out there and I'm a big weenie. But my pain hurts more than yours! Whine!)

Wednesday morning was... stiff. Painful. I didn't think I'd be so sore just 8 hours later. It got worse throughout the day. Hobbling may have happened. By last night I was dreading when I'd have to sit in a chair. I did about 3.5 miles on the treadmill (new favorite workout- start at 6.0 mph, increase by 0.1 every minute until 7.0, maintain 2 mins, reduce back to 6.1 and increase again to 7.1. repeat until tired) That brings us to today. I'm sad. So very sad. Stairs are killer. I actually yelped trying to use the bathroom earlier. Why can't girls pee standing up? I'd really like to choose that option right now.

Tonight will be my first opportunity to run with Nick since Saturday, and I would love to... I'm hoping my legs cooperate for a few miles at least.

Anemia. About that. My hemoglobin levels have been 7.5 (November, pre-supplementation), 10 (January, 2 months of twice daily supplements), and 11 (yesterday, another 3 months of once daily supplements). My ferritin went from 5 in November to 50 in January. I don't know the number from yesterday yet. My doctor was pretty concerned and said that there may be underlying absorption issues since I don't have blood loss from other means, and my number is going up very slowly. She also asked if my energy levels are back to "normal." Uh. Maybe? What's normal? I would say I'm more lethargic than I'd like to be, but less lethargic than some people. So... is that normal? She's gonna let me know my ferritin levels in a couple days and my mom thinks I should ask her if she recommends I see a gastroenterologist to check out how my digestion is. I'd really prefer not to get scopes put in various body parts, but if that's what it takes... bleh.

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