Friday, April 13, 2012


Is it a sign that you've made it in the blog world when you get 100x more international visitors than US ones? Or that all your referring sites are totally legit like (good lord I hope that's not a real site or else I'll really get some traffic now) (just checked, it's not. but it will be, someday).

Soooo.... I'm back on dayshift, hurray. Too bad it came with lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth from me. I chose an unfortunate time to turn my schedule around, and ended up screwing myself hours-wise. I also ended up feeling like a zombie since Sunday, but that's probably to be expected. And I keep waking up in the middle of the night? What the hell, body, I know you're tired. Stop being super lame.

Also lame is my stomach, legs, and the rest of me. I've felt off all week. I ran HARD intervals on Sunday morning after getting off work (warm up 0.5 mile @6.0, 0.15 @ 8.0, 0.1 @ 6.0 x 10, cool down till 3.5 miles done) then didn't run again until yesterday. I have a race this weekend and all, so tapering is good? Right? I had originally planned on running that in less than 25 minutes. Uh. Yeah. Don't know how that'll go. I guess that'll be my A goal. B goal will be <27 minutes. My last 5K was 27:44, which is a blazing fast 8:55/mile. I am fairly confident I will accomplish that. I ran ~4 miles yesterday with Nick and felt pretty crappy but I actually think we kept a good pace. I don't know, this week has been too mentally trying to remember to plug in my watch. Or wear makeup. Or pluck my eyebrows.

I'm actually super psyched about the race this weekend. I want to see how 6 months of iron supplementation have helped me. I want to see how semi-kinda-occasionally more frequent speedwork has helped me. I ran the last 5k 4 weeks after a marathon. Surely I must be faster now? I did a long run with Nick just a few weeks ago where I went sub 9/mile for 7 miles. Why am I so nervous about this?

Another plus is that this weekend is my first real live weekend since January 28. For the last 10 weeks I've worked all of my weekends or been recovering from working 60 hour weeks. That's ridiculous. I know there are people all over the place who work uncool schedules like that for way longer than 10 weeks (the first 1.5 years after I graduated college, I worked 2 jobs, 45 miles apart. and I worked at least 6 days/week. Every week. And I was still incredibly poor. I hated everything.), but this was just... tough. Missing Nick, missing sunshine, weekend runs, cooking dinner after work, seeing movies (did I miss any good movies?), normal bedtime, happy hour, etc. etc. This weekend isn't super chill, but I get to 1) run a 5k on Saturday morning, 2) do an 8 mile hike just after that, 3) see my dad launch rockets on Sunday. Running, hiking and outdoorsy family fun time? Yes.

Whilst on nightshift, I built a treadmill. Here it is:

Yay me!

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  1. Yay daytime! Now I can stop thinking you're part of the Twilight series and watching me at night. ;-)