Monday, April 16, 2012

PR's for everyone!

not pictured- the bitchin' mullet I'm cultivating

Place Div/Tot  Num   Name                    Age Hometown         Gun Tim Net Tim Pace 
===== ======== ===== ======================= === ================
   27   5/63     280   Laurel Wright            26   Hughesville MD     25:35   25:26  8:12

AND dearest Nick got 3rd in his (very competitive) age group at 20:35. Holy moly my boyfriend is fast! I'm so proud of both of us. There were somewhere around 500 5k'ers, so although it was not a huge race, it was pretty big for a local one. I had a great time... until I got passed by a 9 year old. Just kidding. Sort of. The first mile I kept pace with 2 high school girls who were cooking. When we passed the first mile and one girl said "7:45" I realized maybe I was pushing it a little much. In retrospect, I should have hung in there. I stayed with the girls but they slowed up a little. I would guess the second mile was somewhere around 8:30. That mile also included a steepish downhill followed by a mean, mean uphill. I kept my pace somewhere below close-to-death. Mile 3 was flat but less than stellar. At the end a dude blew by me, then proceeded to slow up considerably, confusing the hell out of me. Why is he slowing down? Does he secretly want me to step on his heels? I saw Nick right at the end and he screamed about me breaking 26 and I got all giddy. It was pretty great.

We then proceeded to a lake down the road for a hike with a coworker and his girlfriend. It was 7.5 easy miles around the lake, but our legs were already pretty tired. I really just wanted to eat a big lunch and go home... instead we spent 2 hours walking and walking. I wish I could have enjoyed it a little more instead of counting down the quarter miles.

Such a fun, active day...although it was pretty tiring and I was reminded that we only walked/ran ~10.6 miles... quite a bit less than a half marathon. Oof. That run in 5 weeks is going to be rough if we don't get on training soon.

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