Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Subtitle: My legs still hate me from Saturday.

I've read on a couple blogs and various articles about how as a runner, the front of your legs (quads) get strong, but your hamstrings tend to be weak. This can lead to injuries down the line. Uncool. Soooo in my infinite wisdom, I wanted to do some hamstring strengthening after my run on Saturday night. I should really say my "run" because I ran 1.8 miles before my stomach killed me and I stopped and hopped on the bike. I then did 2 sets of 11 dead lifts with 25# in each hand. It was painful, but didn't seem like much.

Then I slept.

Then I woke up and could barely swing my legs out of bed. Sorer than I have been in a very long time. I sucked it up and spent Sunday afternoon doing some more hamstring workouts- I dug up about 72 square feet of Nick's backyard to plant a garden. That meant a lot of crouching and lifting with my legs to get huge chunks of grass out of the ground. Ugh.

Then I slept.

Then I woke up and AGAIN was in serious pain. I am dumb. Fast forward to today, where I am still sore. I ran 6.3 miles last night on the treadmill and was actually alright. The activity loosened me up pretty well, and today is definitely better. I'm going to do some more deadlifts because they're good for you, but I guess I just need to be more careful about jumping right into a new activity.

Tonight I'm going to elliptical. It sounds like I can do some fun hamstring work by ellipticaling backwards, which I do not love doing, but it'll be a nice change of pace. And if that makes me sore too, I'll have my legs amputated and just live in Tempurpedic heaven till I die.

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