Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday Things + anemiupdate

I just had to check calendar after I typed that title. Is it really Thursday? It is! Phew.

My legs. Oh my legs. I did more Tabata nonsense on Tuesday since I was home all by myself. The first 4 minutes are high knees, followed by 4 minutes of burpees, followed by 4 minutes of jumping lunges. I made it through the lunges but my thighs were on fire and I knew I would be in pain later. The video instructor slowed down majorly during the last 3 intervals and I followed her lead. The next 4 minutes were supposed to be super low froggy squats (I don't know the real name) with little hops in between. I did 2 intervals of those before I called it a day and did some abs. I thought I was saving myself from suffering. Ha.

I spent the rest of the night hobbling around the house, thinking that maybe, just maybe I would not make it up the stairs the next time I needed to go up them. I racked my brain for why I would be that feeling so weak, I had eaten plenty, had a big dinner, rehydrated, etc. Little did I know my body was trying to keep my stationary and keep my muscles from being more damaged.

(note: as I re-read and edited this, I realized how dramatic I am. I know people feel real pain out there and I'm a big weenie. But my pain hurts more than yours! Whine!)

Wednesday morning was... stiff. Painful. I didn't think I'd be so sore just 8 hours later. It got worse throughout the day. Hobbling may have happened. By last night I was dreading when I'd have to sit in a chair. I did about 3.5 miles on the treadmill (new favorite workout- start at 6.0 mph, increase by 0.1 every minute until 7.0, maintain 2 mins, reduce back to 6.1 and increase again to 7.1. repeat until tired) That brings us to today. I'm sad. So very sad. Stairs are killer. I actually yelped trying to use the bathroom earlier. Why can't girls pee standing up? I'd really like to choose that option right now.

Tonight will be my first opportunity to run with Nick since Saturday, and I would love to... I'm hoping my legs cooperate for a few miles at least.

Anemia. About that. My hemoglobin levels have been 7.5 (November, pre-supplementation), 10 (January, 2 months of twice daily supplements), and 11 (yesterday, another 3 months of once daily supplements). My ferritin went from 5 in November to 50 in January. I don't know the number from yesterday yet. My doctor was pretty concerned and said that there may be underlying absorption issues since I don't have blood loss from other means, and my number is going up very slowly. She also asked if my energy levels are back to "normal." Uh. Maybe? What's normal? I would say I'm more lethargic than I'd like to be, but less lethargic than some people. So... is that normal? She's gonna let me know my ferritin levels in a couple days and my mom thinks I should ask her if she recommends I see a gastroenterologist to check out how my digestion is. I'd really prefer not to get scopes put in various body parts, but if that's what it takes... bleh.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Treadmill- initial thoughts

It was almost 90 degrees out yesterday. I ran and hiked a bunch this weekend and am sore. Ergo, I didn't really want to run outside so I hopped on my shiny new treadmill. Fun fact: you can wear whatever you want when you workout at home. This means less laundry for me! Hooray!

The treadmill comes equipped with iFit Live capability. It seems neat, but it's expensive! It makes it so your treadmill (or elliptical or bike) can talk to your computer and upload workout data, and also download workouts. There are a selection of workout modules including ones by Jilliam Michaels. They seem neat. I haven't figured out if buying the iFit module is worth it, I'll have to look into it more. The treadmill did come with pre-programmed workouts. I'll review as I do them. The workouts are categorized into "Performance," "Weight Loss," "Timed," and umm... I don't remember. Maybe Distance?

1- 20 Minute Performance workout.
The profile of this looked like a kinda wimpy interval workout. 3 minutes each warmup and cooldown at 3.0-4.0 mph, plus 5 x 1min intervals, 2 mins rest. Intervals were at 7.0-8.5mph, rest was at 6.0. All of that was done at 1.0% incline. I did this and was not blown away, but it's a good starting point. I really really wish that instead of preset interval speeds, I could choose do all the intervals at 8.0 or whatever. Either way, it was 2 miles with some little speedy parts. I could do without 6 minutes out of 20 being spent on warmup and cooldown, but I know I don't do those things enough anyways. They're just trying to help.

2- "300 Calorie" workout
How do you know how many calories I burn if I don't enter my weight? It seemed pretty accurate, maybe on the high side (thought I'd burn 300 cals in 30 minutes. pretty much in line with the estimates for 100 cals/mile when running), but the workout itself was really annoying. It alternated incline between 1% and 3%, speed 3.5 to 4.5. 4.5 is a really awkward fast walk speed for me, so I did a ridiculous slow jog instead. I ended up bailing on this one, overriding the speed settings and cruising at 5.5 for about 12 minutes. Not my favorite.

I guess I need to get used to the idea of someone else's "workout" for me if I am to use any of the presets. I want to mess with them some and see if they're worth using. Maybe the iFit ones are better? We'll see.

Today might be a bike ride if my tires can be inflated, or some intervals? I'm so unpredicatble.

Monday, April 16, 2012

PR's for everyone!

not pictured- the bitchin' mullet I'm cultivating

Place Div/Tot  Num   Name                    Age Hometown         Gun Tim Net Tim Pace 
===== ======== ===== ======================= === ================
   27   5/63     280   Laurel Wright            26   Hughesville MD     25:35   25:26  8:12

AND dearest Nick got 3rd in his (very competitive) age group at 20:35. Holy moly my boyfriend is fast! I'm so proud of both of us. There were somewhere around 500 5k'ers, so although it was not a huge race, it was pretty big for a local one. I had a great time... until I got passed by a 9 year old. Just kidding. Sort of. The first mile I kept pace with 2 high school girls who were cooking. When we passed the first mile and one girl said "7:45" I realized maybe I was pushing it a little much. In retrospect, I should have hung in there. I stayed with the girls but they slowed up a little. I would guess the second mile was somewhere around 8:30. That mile also included a steepish downhill followed by a mean, mean uphill. I kept my pace somewhere below close-to-death. Mile 3 was flat but less than stellar. At the end a dude blew by me, then proceeded to slow up considerably, confusing the hell out of me. Why is he slowing down? Does he secretly want me to step on his heels? I saw Nick right at the end and he screamed about me breaking 26 and I got all giddy. It was pretty great.

We then proceeded to a lake down the road for a hike with a coworker and his girlfriend. It was 7.5 easy miles around the lake, but our legs were already pretty tired. I really just wanted to eat a big lunch and go home... instead we spent 2 hours walking and walking. I wish I could have enjoyed it a little more instead of counting down the quarter miles.

Such a fun, active day...although it was pretty tiring and I was reminded that we only walked/ran ~10.6 miles... quite a bit less than a half marathon. Oof. That run in 5 weeks is going to be rough if we don't get on training soon.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Is it a sign that you've made it in the blog world when you get 100x more international visitors than US ones? Or that all your referring sites are totally legit like (good lord I hope that's not a real site or else I'll really get some traffic now) (just checked, it's not. but it will be, someday).

Soooo.... I'm back on dayshift, hurray. Too bad it came with lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth from me. I chose an unfortunate time to turn my schedule around, and ended up screwing myself hours-wise. I also ended up feeling like a zombie since Sunday, but that's probably to be expected. And I keep waking up in the middle of the night? What the hell, body, I know you're tired. Stop being super lame.

Also lame is my stomach, legs, and the rest of me. I've felt off all week. I ran HARD intervals on Sunday morning after getting off work (warm up 0.5 mile @6.0, 0.15 @ 8.0, 0.1 @ 6.0 x 10, cool down till 3.5 miles done) then didn't run again until yesterday. I have a race this weekend and all, so tapering is good? Right? I had originally planned on running that in less than 25 minutes. Uh. Yeah. Don't know how that'll go. I guess that'll be my A goal. B goal will be <27 minutes. My last 5K was 27:44, which is a blazing fast 8:55/mile. I am fairly confident I will accomplish that. I ran ~4 miles yesterday with Nick and felt pretty crappy but I actually think we kept a good pace. I don't know, this week has been too mentally trying to remember to plug in my watch. Or wear makeup. Or pluck my eyebrows.

I'm actually super psyched about the race this weekend. I want to see how 6 months of iron supplementation have helped me. I want to see how semi-kinda-occasionally more frequent speedwork has helped me. I ran the last 5k 4 weeks after a marathon. Surely I must be faster now? I did a long run with Nick just a few weeks ago where I went sub 9/mile for 7 miles. Why am I so nervous about this?

Another plus is that this weekend is my first real live weekend since January 28. For the last 10 weeks I've worked all of my weekends or been recovering from working 60 hour weeks. That's ridiculous. I know there are people all over the place who work uncool schedules like that for way longer than 10 weeks (the first 1.5 years after I graduated college, I worked 2 jobs, 45 miles apart. and I worked at least 6 days/week. Every week. And I was still incredibly poor. I hated everything.), but this was just... tough. Missing Nick, missing sunshine, weekend runs, cooking dinner after work, seeing movies (did I miss any good movies?), normal bedtime, happy hour, etc. etc. This weekend isn't super chill, but I get to 1) run a 5k on Saturday morning, 2) do an 8 mile hike just after that, 3) see my dad launch rockets on Sunday. Running, hiking and outdoorsy family fun time? Yes.

Whilst on nightshift, I built a treadmill. Here it is:

Yay me!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Subtitle: My legs still hate me from Saturday.

I've read on a couple blogs and various articles about how as a runner, the front of your legs (quads) get strong, but your hamstrings tend to be weak. This can lead to injuries down the line. Uncool. Soooo in my infinite wisdom, I wanted to do some hamstring strengthening after my run on Saturday night. I should really say my "run" because I ran 1.8 miles before my stomach killed me and I stopped and hopped on the bike. I then did 2 sets of 11 dead lifts with 25# in each hand. It was painful, but didn't seem like much.

Then I slept.

Then I woke up and could barely swing my legs out of bed. Sorer than I have been in a very long time. I sucked it up and spent Sunday afternoon doing some more hamstring workouts- I dug up about 72 square feet of Nick's backyard to plant a garden. That meant a lot of crouching and lifting with my legs to get huge chunks of grass out of the ground. Ugh.

Then I slept.

Then I woke up and AGAIN was in serious pain. I am dumb. Fast forward to today, where I am still sore. I ran 6.3 miles last night on the treadmill and was actually alright. The activity loosened me up pretty well, and today is definitely better. I'm going to do some more deadlifts because they're good for you, but I guess I just need to be more careful about jumping right into a new activity.

Tonight I'm going to elliptical. It sounds like I can do some fun hamstring work by ellipticaling backwards, which I do not love doing, but it'll be a nice change of pace. And if that makes me sore too, I'll have my legs amputated and just live in Tempurpedic heaven till I die.

I hate...

... when people say my name wrong. I'm not Laurie. I'm not Lauren.

... correcting people when they mispronounce my name. I'm not a fan of confrontation. I'm a weenie.

... feeling kinda sorta hungry all the time.

... the fact that the Wii fit judges me for being on nightshift. And gaining 0.5 lbs. Shut up, electronic device.

... sweet potatoes. I don't even like thinking about them. Ick.

... work coffee. Nick's coffee is so much better!

... that my slightly longer (3 week old) hair cut is rapidly becoming a mullet.

I am not jaundiced. Nor is my neck that sinewy in real life. Promise.

... that I can't seem to sell my motorcycle jacket even though it was only worn briefly.

... losing things. The other day when I was trying to leave for work, I had to call Nick in to help me find my phone. It was in the pantry. Of course.

/end grumpy rant. Probably.