Thursday, March 1, 2012


A month ago, I was all psyched I was only working 5 days a week, and I got 2 full days off, PLUS those days happened to be weekends. Now, things are topsy turvy, I only get one day a week off, and that day is Sunday. Lame. I either wish it was Saturday so things would be open later, or Monday so I could go run real errands.

Things I have to do this weekend:
-grocery shop
-clean house
-financial planning type stuff
-finalize grades in the class I'm teaching
-pluck eyebrows (seriously)
-get haircut
-shop for a mattress

Things I want to do this weekend:
-go shopping (I got a gift card to J. Crew from Nick for Christmas and it's just sitting there... unused.. unloved... unbelievable!)
-see a movie
-cook something fun and complicated, possibly involving yeast
-sleep in
-grocery shop
-lase hair removal (see: things that need to be open on the weekend)

Only a teeny bit of overlap there- what can I say, I love me some grocery shopping. I'm turning into a real hosebeast with the stress of work, so another thing on both the have to/want to lists should be "spend quality time with Nick" but unfortunately, that's tough given the current situation. Only 5 more weeks of this...

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