Thursday, March 22, 2012


... here comes the wah-bulance. A.k.a. I'm about to whine.

I worked last night until midnight. 7.5 hours. Not too shabby, I was perky but getting tired by the time I went home. Then my 22.5 mile highway commute home took 45 minutes. Oh nighttime roadwork, you are not my friend. It took me a while to get to sleep and thank goodness we have a Tempurpedic or else I'm sure Nick would have banished me to the couch.

Oh, and here's my hair. I like to call this one "Wings and Things." I did not make it do this, it just did it on its own. Lucky me!

Then it was back to work from 8:45-12:30 and back home.. again.. naturally. This afternoon will consist of who knows what. I'm not technically required to go back to work, but in order to not complete screw up my sleep schedule, I'm going to try and nap a couple hours and head back into work tonight, maybe 10ish. I get to see Nick and have dinner with him, yay! (how people ever accomplish long distance relationships, I have no idea.. you all are champs). I am tired and discombobulated. I want a nap because the last 3 days I was asleep at this time... but I am also perky because I had coffee. Poor planning. here's hoping I survive the night...

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