Monday, March 5, 2012

This time last year

It's been almost exactly a year since I started my blog- happy birthday little blog!

Forgive me a little introspection, but this time last year, life was way different and I've been reflecting on the difference a year can make.

This time last year, I was just 6 months into my "first real job" and still adjusting to the joys of paid vacation, a reliable paycheck, and job security. I was also adjusting to having folks expect me to be at work every day. Rough learning curve there.

This time last year, I was working nights, eating all the candy (so some things never change!) and not dealing well with having a weird schedule, being tired, and being out of my comfort zone. I was grouchy, eating unhealthily (unhealthfully? whatever.), and not prioritizing working out.

This time last year, I had JUST signed up for my first marathon, and I was terrified.

This time last year, I owned a motorcycle!

This time last year, I hadn't been on a cruise.

 This is my favorite memory. Ever.

This time last year, I was in an entirely different relationship, and Nick was on the tail end of another one as well. It's all super cliche, but ending that relationship and moving on taught me tons about handling stress, my feelings, and being smart enough to talk to the person you're with instead of thinking things will fix themselves if you give it enough time/moping/resentment. This whole "weird work schedule" thing happens every year, and some years I'll be on night shift. And some years I'll be working 72 hours/week. And some years I'll be stressed. I can't let that all combine into a storm that makes me lazy and grouchy, because then I'm not only someone's slightly chubby, grumpy girlfriend, I'll eventually not be anyone's girlfriend at all.  I didn't explicitly say it, but things were falling apart this time last year, life-wise. I'm not regretting that relationship ending, especially since it led to something so amazing with Nick, but I know I could have handled everything a little more gracefully.

 Moral of the story: This is not a surprise to anyone, but if I let excuses get in the way of working out and eating reasonably good for me food, bad things will happen. I was rereading some of my posts from last year, and goodness! I was a mess sometimes. Lesson learned last year, and this year (so far, fingers crossed), I'm not repeating it. So much changes in just a year...

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