Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Get it? Tabata plus fantastic? I'm awesome.

I woke up extra early. Unnecessarily early. Despite staying up "late" last night (/this morning... freaking night shift) until 6:45am, I still only slept until about 1:10pm. With all that extra time on my hands, what was I to do? Well, dust for one. The house seems to have infinite flat surfaces that all get insanely dusty. So that was fun. And I vacuumed.

I was feeling peppy despite sleeping less than usual, so I browsed the interwebs for a little workout. A youtube search of "Tabata" leads you to a perky but very real-seeming woman working out in her house. She also had insanely defined hamstrings, so I trusted that she knew what she was doing. The workout was Tabata intervals, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 8 times for each exercise. Repeat 5 times with different moves. I did the first one fine (high knees with an imaginary jump rope), the second one ok (burpees... I did not add push ups. Oh no.), and the first 3 intervals of the third (jumping lunges... owww). I was completely dying by then so I called it and did another quickie youtube workout, but not Tabata this time. It was invigorating once I got rehydrated, but now I am completely starving. I brought enough food to have a snack every 2 hours. I will be making that happen.

Pics from the day:

My nail polish is matte dusty lavender. My mom once said it makes it look like I dipped my fingers in wet cement. It sort of does.

I broke the shoelace hole on my favorite shoes! They are also getting pretty worn out, so it might be time for a couple new pairs.

I got new sports bras! I put on one of my old ones the other day and heard a fun crack/snap coming from the spandex. That's the sound of elderly spandex. I have loved these Moving Comfort bras since I bought 2 last year. One of the bras is the one I wore for the Marine Corps Marathon. It does not chafe and it is oppressively snug, which is how I like my sports bras. So I bought 4 more from Running Warehouse, with a coupon! I only spend $109 on 4 bras that retail for >$35 each! That's like a free bra. Again, I am awesome.

Look at the cute pattern! I got an aqua one, purple, orange and white. I'm so excited!

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