Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Paradigm shift

Subtitle: Am I allowed to drink coffee now? It's 8pm! Can I?

Second subtitle: How about now? It's midnight? Really? I can? Nightshift is cool.

Subtitle the third: I'm super jittery. Weird.

Sooo I'm back on nightshift. Plus: I feel like there are fewer demands on my time, so I got 10 hours of sleep on Sunday and hours on Monday. Minus: I am all kinds of discombobulated about what time it is. Hence the coffee drinking confusion. There's a cognitive disconnect between it being dusk and me still being slightly groggy.

What did I do on my nights off? Well, Saturday night, I stayed up successfully, even though I had woken up at 3:30. AM. I stayed up until almost 3AM the next day! Yay me! Of course, I stayed up drinking beer, but at least it was good beer: 

Nick and I bought this in 22oz size after previously enjoying the 6 packs. It is a delicious, strong IPA but somehow in the big bottle it didn't hit the spot quite the same. Nonetheless, I anticipate we'll give it another try. We're nice like that.

Sunday I slept in until 1pm and then spent the day being lazy with bouts of productivity. After Nick went to bed, I started in on the wallpaper borders that are scattered about the house. I finished the bathroom. Next up was the kitchen border (pictures forthcoming). This one is not only the ugliest, it is the hardest to remove. The top layer is some sort of thick paper with a glossy coat that makes it so the vinegar/water mixture doesn't penetrate. But that layer is totally willing to abandon its close brother, Incredibly Sticky Bottom Layer. Simply peel off top layer, and you're left with Sticky Bottom Layer and a huge mess. I hacked at it for 45 minutes and got about 18" off. Our kitchen is approximately 20' x 15'. I will never be done.

I also made a ton of chili and added a secret ingredient- cinnamon. It made the house smell DELICIOUS. Sweet and spicy at the same time. I'm hoping it's good because we have 3 dinners worth of it, and one lunch. Maybe experimentation should be done on a smaller scale?

Tonight is my first night and I'm going to elliptical after work, go home and sleep, then hopefully wake up and run with Nick at work, just as he is finishing his day and before I begin mine. I'm excited to get to see him and run. We might even run outside if we're feeling sassy.

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