Thursday, March 15, 2012

I like a good long run every once in a while

Subtitle: running hard(er) makes my tummy hurt.

Nick and I are doing an informal half marathon training plan that informally began this weekend. Well, we definitely didn't run this weekend, we ran errands and I worked instead. Unfun. Instead, we decided to fit a nice long run into the week yesterday. For record keeping purposes, here is what I ate yesterday. Maybe it'll help reveal why my stomach ended up acting like it did:
0530: banana, 3/4 cupish of greek yogurt
0700: 3/4 cupish of Cracklin oat bran, couple cups of coffee
0900: string cheese, apple
1100: barrel of veggies, PB and honey sandwich
1300: 3 york peppermint patties, half cup of nuts, orange
1400: orange. some tootsie rolls.
1730 (right before run): cookie, first Gu of the season!  
have these always tasted so terrible?

I drank plenty of water throughout the day, and took a swig before we ran too. Not gonna lie, if Nick hadn't been pushing me to go, I would not have gone. I am good at going to the gym at work, since it's right there, but making myself run once I'm home and the couch beckons and I have stuff to do is nearly impossible.

Nick and I had sort of planned on doing 6 miles, and had measured how far that was from the house so we'd have landmarks. Well, we started running and the miles were something like this (haven't pulled them off my Garmin yet):

We were nearing the turnaround point for a 6 miler and midway through a downhill... it felt good, so I suggested we lengthen it a little more and Nick said ok. He's such a good sport. We added another half mile, then turned around and ran up that same delightful downhill that completely sucked the life out of me. Another time when Nick helped me not be a wuss. His presence definitely kept me chugging along up that hill and home. I tried to slow the last mile down, and we did, but I wanted the pride point of not having any miles slower than 9 min/mile. We finished at exactly one hour (8:34 average), and walked a little. All in all it was a great run.

And then it began. I was hungry, but nauseous and my stomach was doing its normal dance. I choked down a random piece of candy and a bunch of water, showered and made eggs and crepes for Nick and I. We also had a little salad. Yummy food, nothing too exciting (I even ate the crepes plain because sugar didn't sound good... sugar! come on!). We didn't have any snacks or dessert after dinner. I should have known something was terribly wrong. My night consisted of horrible stomach cramps and sweating. I finally took Pepto at about 10:30 (a good hour after my bedtime) and was able to sleep. Nick was also feel cruddy, but I don't think it was something we ate, just the whole bodies not being used to long runs thing. Miserable.

Today I'm tired and becoming progressively sorer over the course of the day. And my stomach is still a little off. Extra hungry but also sort of upset.

I so did not miss this part of running longer distances (and we're still in the single digits... ugh).

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