Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Hair.

Subtitle: things people say to someone who just got a major haircut.

The good:
-That is so flattering, it really suits you. Thanks, nice person!
-So cute! What a nice change! Ditto!
-Oh wow, you're so brave. I really actually don't love this one, but I know people mean well... guys, it's just a haircut. I did not actually risk anything but my self-image.

The bad:
-Wow, if I did that I'd look like a boy! Uh. thanks? So are you saying I don't?
-I could never pull that off. Meh. 

The ugly:
-Was something wrong with your old hair?
-What did you do?!?!
-When you said you might be getting a haircut, I knew I'd like it. I love women with short hair, like my wife. Ew.
-Oh god! Your hair! It's gone!

Yes, all of these have been said to me. I am not sure anyone has any manners anymore.

I love the haircut, and Nick does too, so case is closed.

Something not related to my appearance? Ok... umm... I'm tired? That's all I've got. My shins are aching bad since my outside run on Monday. I don't know what's up with that. Updates to follow.


  1. Get a foam roller ASAP!! Really it is magical

  2. 1. Have you ever gone to I was slightly concerned for five seconds that you got pregnant and had a baby and I was late to the news.

    2. But for real. Did you see the picture from 2004? I cannot pull off the short hair -- I actually look like I'm wearing some kind of helmet. You look amazing! Also I'm very jealous of your getting-ready-time-deduction. Blow drying this bitch takes forever.

    3. Love Raymond Wright.