Sunday, March 11, 2012


Subtitle: If 5am feels like 4am and 11 am feels like 10am, why am I so hungry for lunch so early?

Second subtitle: Blah blah blah springing forward sucks.

Waking up was rough, so I slept 40 extra minutes, and patted myself on the back, because in real elapsed time, I didn't sleep in at all, I actually got up 20 minutes earlier than I normally do (because 5:40 today is like 4:40 yesterday). I'm a master of justification.

Since I've already talked about how irritated I am at life right now, let's talk about things I'm looking forward to!
April 14: 5k. Less than or equal to 26 minutes. Pr'ing by at least 2 minutes. Being pumped.
Week of April 23: Travel to North Carolina for a little work thingy. I will miss Nick and our Tempurpedic terribly, but I like work travel. One negative: when I come home and have to write my expense report, I have to put justifications for meals like "breakfast," "late breakfast," "afternoon snack #1," "afternoon snack #2," and "post-dinner meal." The people in finance probably think I have the metabolism of a squirrel. 
irrelevant, but come on, ADORBS.

Weekend in May: What I am calling the great Maryland booze tour of 2012. Nick and I are visiting Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick and then Boordy Vineyards near Baltimore. Both were bought with Groupon/LivingSocial deals and both include shmancy hotel stays.
May 20: Half marathon. Oh wait, I'm not excited about this, I might be sort of nervous. Hmm.
First weekend in June: Camping on the beach in the OBX. I hope the weather is nice.
Another week in June: work trip, this time to San Jose. Ok, company, you can send to me to beautiful locales.
June 10: 1 year with Nick. Awww. If that day could include me holding this guy, I think my face would explode from joy.

So that's that. There's light at the end of the tunnel, thank goodness.

Workout note: 40 mins on elliptical yesterday, "600" cals *I know this is insanely inaccurate, but I can use it to at least measure relative levels of exertion from one workout to another. Then I did some planks. Then I tried to do a pullup. Still no success.

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