Wednesday, March 21, 2012


In my infinite wisdom, I decided to work out after work yesterday (really, today, in the strict sense of the word), go home and sleep, then wake up and run with Nick. I disregarded the fact that I would want to go to sleep immediately after getting home, and that I hate running just after I've woken up.

I repeat: running anytime within the first 2 or 3 hours of waking up for me is unbearable. I feel like a slug. How people wake up early on the weekends and run is completely beyond me (see also: I do my marathon long runs on the treadmill because I'm too lazy to wake my ass up before it's too hot outside).

Soooo... super smart me did 20 intense minutes on the elliptical then some planks (the HIIT app for Android is neato!). I got home and Nick was already sort of awake, so I showered quick and hopped in bed. No post workout snacks. Just water. I am dumb.

Fast forward to this afternoon, when I woke up at the crack of 1:45pm. I grabbed a banana and an egg in an effort to have some energy for our run, but I already knew my legs were not feeling it.  I finished reading this book while I digested:

I cannot say enough good things. It was touching, hilarious and a quick read. Love.

Nick and I headed out about 2:45, and planned a route "with that hill," kind of having some PTSD-like repressed memories about how big the hill really is. It's really big. Two miles out, with the turnaround point being at the base of said hill. That hill? Almost killed me. First 2 miles were a sluggish but fine 9 min/mile, followed up 10something and another 10something. Clearly mile 3 can be blamed on the hill. Mile 4 I attribute to not refueling after last night's workout. Lesson learned. 4.2 miles in 39.5 minutes. I've done worse.

Post workout, my legs are tired. Not too sore but a tad achy. I'll run on Friday hopefully before I head into work, but other than that I will be taking tomorrow (tonight. whatever.) off to recoup.

Oh hai, pictures that would be better suited in yesterday's post. I'm a failure at blogging:

godforsaken wallpaper border.

Chili with CINNAMON! I'm having this for "lunch" today (at 11pm. don't judge). 

Crockpot, love of mine.This is Nick's, and it is 33% bigger than mine. This is easily the best kitchen gadget that cohabitating has gotten me.

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