Friday, March 30, 2012

Is it time to eat breakfast?

Subtitle: I am so over nightshift.

So. I like to eat. Frequently. For the past 2ish weeks I've been waking up at 1pm and staying up until 4am the next day. That's 15 hours of awakeness (yes that means I've been getting 9 hours of sleep. I win at sleeping during the daytime). In order to curb my nasty candy habit (it's not okay to have "just one of everything" when there are 15 varieties of candy. And yes big size Tootsie Roll and little size Tootsie Roll are 2 different varieties), I've been trying to keep myself busy with work, plus busy with eating snack at very regular intervals. Like every 2 hours. Oh yes, every 120 minutes I'm chomping on something. I think my coworkers think I've lost my mind. But that's nothing new.

Today's eats:
1pm: banana, 2 eggs
3pm: didn't eat. Spending quality time with Nick. He made me coffee! He's the best.
5pm: Cracklin Oat Bran. I'm going to be devastated when this runs out.
7pm: Apple, string cheese
9pm: Almonds, veggiestravaganza
11pm: Lentil Minestrone, orange, yogurt
1am: Nature valley protein bar thing as pre-run fuel

Tonight I plan on a nice run after work on the treadmill (3am is when all the cool kids run. Side note: last year I ran at the apartment complex gym and I always thought i was going to get killed when I left in the wee hours of the morning. Why didn't I run at my highly secure workplace? Probably would have saved myself a few gray hairs/kept me from peeing myself every time I heard a wild animal in the bushes).

My coworkers and I went in on buying Mega Millions Tickets (I originally typed Megan Millions. hi Megan!) so if I disappear at 11pm tomorrow, you know why. Because I'm suddenly uber rich and no longer need to blog to feel important. I'll feel important by relaxing in my bathtub of hundred dollar bills

Just kidding, I'll still need to blog to feel important.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Get it? Tabata plus fantastic? I'm awesome.

I woke up extra early. Unnecessarily early. Despite staying up "late" last night (/this morning... freaking night shift) until 6:45am, I still only slept until about 1:10pm. With all that extra time on my hands, what was I to do? Well, dust for one. The house seems to have infinite flat surfaces that all get insanely dusty. So that was fun. And I vacuumed.

I was feeling peppy despite sleeping less than usual, so I browsed the interwebs for a little workout. A youtube search of "Tabata" leads you to a perky but very real-seeming woman working out in her house. She also had insanely defined hamstrings, so I trusted that she knew what she was doing. The workout was Tabata intervals, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 8 times for each exercise. Repeat 5 times with different moves. I did the first one fine (high knees with an imaginary jump rope), the second one ok (burpees... I did not add push ups. Oh no.), and the first 3 intervals of the third (jumping lunges... owww). I was completely dying by then so I called it and did another quickie youtube workout, but not Tabata this time. It was invigorating once I got rehydrated, but now I am completely starving. I brought enough food to have a snack every 2 hours. I will be making that happen.

Pics from the day:

My nail polish is matte dusty lavender. My mom once said it makes it look like I dipped my fingers in wet cement. It sort of does.

I broke the shoelace hole on my favorite shoes! They are also getting pretty worn out, so it might be time for a couple new pairs.

I got new sports bras! I put on one of my old ones the other day and heard a fun crack/snap coming from the spandex. That's the sound of elderly spandex. I have loved these Moving Comfort bras since I bought 2 last year. One of the bras is the one I wore for the Marine Corps Marathon. It does not chafe and it is oppressively snug, which is how I like my sports bras. So I bought 4 more from Running Warehouse, with a coupon! I only spend $109 on 4 bras that retail for >$35 each! That's like a free bra. Again, I am awesome.

Look at the cute pattern! I got an aqua one, purple, orange and white. I'm so excited!

Nutrition encyclopedia

Subtitle: Who sent the memo that smoothies are "healthy"? Because they're not.

My work had smoothies brought in from Smoothie King late last week. It was sponsored by the Safety Director and the Health and Wellness Committee, which I happen to be the head of. I did not get the idea for the smoothies, but I helped some with the planning and implementation so I was definitely a part of the whole thing. So... people saw "Health and Wellness" and combined it with some mental image of smoothies being something people drink after workouts and said oh hey, smoothies are healthy. I should drink 4 of them. When I was helping with the smoothie distribution people would chuckle and grab 2 or 3 and say they were so glad to have something "healthy."

First- healthy is not a single food. It's not one meal. So that bothered me. Second- smoothies are juice blended with fruit to thicken. One of these has >300 calories and little to no protein. Sure, it's fruit, but oh my goodness, the sugar! There are some with more redeeming stats, but it bugged me endlessly that everyone was under the false impression that this was health food. I totally get a smoothie as a treat. They were delicious. But they're marketed as being in categories called "Trim Down," "Shape Up," (in the shape up category- a smoothie with 900 calories. It may have 25 g of protein but I'm not sure anyone needs to drink 900 calories in one sitting), and "Snack Right."

I forget sometimes that a lot of people don't have an annoying list of nutritional stats in their heads. They don't know that a 300 calorie sugar rush is going to be followed by a major sugar dip, accompanied by hunger. That fat and protein are necessary for feeling full. I marvel at people who are either oblivious or simply don't care. Am I better off because I know that almonds have less saturated fat than peanuts? That whole grain pasta has fiber AND protein and therefore is more satisfying than white pasta? Sigh. I have to be so mindful of what I eat, every single meal, and I guess I am jealous that there are people who don't have to (or choose not to) worry about things like that.

On a positive note: I made super progress on the wallpaper border from hell. Over half of the kitchen is done! It only took 2 hours and a very sore back to get it there. Hooray.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Dear hair,

You're making me look like Justin Bieber. I guess I should have thought about how much I truly hate having hair in my face when I signed up for this haircut.
I call this one "the Bieber" a.k.a. my hair got shaggy in 2 weeks you've got to be kidding me.

I was going for "smoldering" but somehow ended up with "nauseous and angry." That's what happens when you're up for 22 hours straight.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


... here comes the wah-bulance. A.k.a. I'm about to whine.

I worked last night until midnight. 7.5 hours. Not too shabby, I was perky but getting tired by the time I went home. Then my 22.5 mile highway commute home took 45 minutes. Oh nighttime roadwork, you are not my friend. It took me a while to get to sleep and thank goodness we have a Tempurpedic or else I'm sure Nick would have banished me to the couch.

Oh, and here's my hair. I like to call this one "Wings and Things." I did not make it do this, it just did it on its own. Lucky me!

Then it was back to work from 8:45-12:30 and back home.. again.. naturally. This afternoon will consist of who knows what. I'm not technically required to go back to work, but in order to not complete screw up my sleep schedule, I'm going to try and nap a couple hours and head back into work tonight, maybe 10ish. I get to see Nick and have dinner with him, yay! (how people ever accomplish long distance relationships, I have no idea.. you all are champs). I am tired and discombobulated. I want a nap because the last 3 days I was asleep at this time... but I am also perky because I had coffee. Poor planning. here's hoping I survive the night...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


In my infinite wisdom, I decided to work out after work yesterday (really, today, in the strict sense of the word), go home and sleep, then wake up and run with Nick. I disregarded the fact that I would want to go to sleep immediately after getting home, and that I hate running just after I've woken up.

I repeat: running anytime within the first 2 or 3 hours of waking up for me is unbearable. I feel like a slug. How people wake up early on the weekends and run is completely beyond me (see also: I do my marathon long runs on the treadmill because I'm too lazy to wake my ass up before it's too hot outside).

Soooo... super smart me did 20 intense minutes on the elliptical then some planks (the HIIT app for Android is neato!). I got home and Nick was already sort of awake, so I showered quick and hopped in bed. No post workout snacks. Just water. I am dumb.

Fast forward to this afternoon, when I woke up at the crack of 1:45pm. I grabbed a banana and an egg in an effort to have some energy for our run, but I already knew my legs were not feeling it.  I finished reading this book while I digested:

I cannot say enough good things. It was touching, hilarious and a quick read. Love.

Nick and I headed out about 2:45, and planned a route "with that hill," kind of having some PTSD-like repressed memories about how big the hill really is. It's really big. Two miles out, with the turnaround point being at the base of said hill. That hill? Almost killed me. First 2 miles were a sluggish but fine 9 min/mile, followed up 10something and another 10something. Clearly mile 3 can be blamed on the hill. Mile 4 I attribute to not refueling after last night's workout. Lesson learned. 4.2 miles in 39.5 minutes. I've done worse.

Post workout, my legs are tired. Not too sore but a tad achy. I'll run on Friday hopefully before I head into work, but other than that I will be taking tomorrow (tonight. whatever.) off to recoup.

Oh hai, pictures that would be better suited in yesterday's post. I'm a failure at blogging:

godforsaken wallpaper border.

Chili with CINNAMON! I'm having this for "lunch" today (at 11pm. don't judge). 

Crockpot, love of mine.This is Nick's, and it is 33% bigger than mine. This is easily the best kitchen gadget that cohabitating has gotten me.

Paradigm shift

Subtitle: Am I allowed to drink coffee now? It's 8pm! Can I?

Second subtitle: How about now? It's midnight? Really? I can? Nightshift is cool.

Subtitle the third: I'm super jittery. Weird.

Sooo I'm back on nightshift. Plus: I feel like there are fewer demands on my time, so I got 10 hours of sleep on Sunday and hours on Monday. Minus: I am all kinds of discombobulated about what time it is. Hence the coffee drinking confusion. There's a cognitive disconnect between it being dusk and me still being slightly groggy.

What did I do on my nights off? Well, Saturday night, I stayed up successfully, even though I had woken up at 3:30. AM. I stayed up until almost 3AM the next day! Yay me! Of course, I stayed up drinking beer, but at least it was good beer: 

Nick and I bought this in 22oz size after previously enjoying the 6 packs. It is a delicious, strong IPA but somehow in the big bottle it didn't hit the spot quite the same. Nonetheless, I anticipate we'll give it another try. We're nice like that.

Sunday I slept in until 1pm and then spent the day being lazy with bouts of productivity. After Nick went to bed, I started in on the wallpaper borders that are scattered about the house. I finished the bathroom. Next up was the kitchen border (pictures forthcoming). This one is not only the ugliest, it is the hardest to remove. The top layer is some sort of thick paper with a glossy coat that makes it so the vinegar/water mixture doesn't penetrate. But that layer is totally willing to abandon its close brother, Incredibly Sticky Bottom Layer. Simply peel off top layer, and you're left with Sticky Bottom Layer and a huge mess. I hacked at it for 45 minutes and got about 18" off. Our kitchen is approximately 20' x 15'. I will never be done.

I also made a ton of chili and added a secret ingredient- cinnamon. It made the house smell DELICIOUS. Sweet and spicy at the same time. I'm hoping it's good because we have 3 dinners worth of it, and one lunch. Maybe experimentation should be done on a smaller scale?

Tonight is my first night and I'm going to elliptical after work, go home and sleep, then hopefully wake up and run with Nick at work, just as he is finishing his day and before I begin mine. I'm excited to get to see him and run. We might even run outside if we're feeling sassy.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I like a good long run every once in a while

Subtitle: running hard(er) makes my tummy hurt.

Nick and I are doing an informal half marathon training plan that informally began this weekend. Well, we definitely didn't run this weekend, we ran errands and I worked instead. Unfun. Instead, we decided to fit a nice long run into the week yesterday. For record keeping purposes, here is what I ate yesterday. Maybe it'll help reveal why my stomach ended up acting like it did:
0530: banana, 3/4 cupish of greek yogurt
0700: 3/4 cupish of Cracklin oat bran, couple cups of coffee
0900: string cheese, apple
1100: barrel of veggies, PB and honey sandwich
1300: 3 york peppermint patties, half cup of nuts, orange
1400: orange. some tootsie rolls.
1730 (right before run): cookie, first Gu of the season!  
have these always tasted so terrible?

I drank plenty of water throughout the day, and took a swig before we ran too. Not gonna lie, if Nick hadn't been pushing me to go, I would not have gone. I am good at going to the gym at work, since it's right there, but making myself run once I'm home and the couch beckons and I have stuff to do is nearly impossible.

Nick and I had sort of planned on doing 6 miles, and had measured how far that was from the house so we'd have landmarks. Well, we started running and the miles were something like this (haven't pulled them off my Garmin yet):

We were nearing the turnaround point for a 6 miler and midway through a downhill... it felt good, so I suggested we lengthen it a little more and Nick said ok. He's such a good sport. We added another half mile, then turned around and ran up that same delightful downhill that completely sucked the life out of me. Another time when Nick helped me not be a wuss. His presence definitely kept me chugging along up that hill and home. I tried to slow the last mile down, and we did, but I wanted the pride point of not having any miles slower than 9 min/mile. We finished at exactly one hour (8:34 average), and walked a little. All in all it was a great run.

And then it began. I was hungry, but nauseous and my stomach was doing its normal dance. I choked down a random piece of candy and a bunch of water, showered and made eggs and crepes for Nick and I. We also had a little salad. Yummy food, nothing too exciting (I even ate the crepes plain because sugar didn't sound good... sugar! come on!). We didn't have any snacks or dessert after dinner. I should have known something was terribly wrong. My night consisted of horrible stomach cramps and sweating. I finally took Pepto at about 10:30 (a good hour after my bedtime) and was able to sleep. Nick was also feel cruddy, but I don't think it was something we ate, just the whole bodies not being used to long runs thing. Miserable.

Today I'm tired and becoming progressively sorer over the course of the day. And my stomach is still a little off. Extra hungry but also sort of upset.

I so did not miss this part of running longer distances (and we're still in the single digits... ugh).

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Hair.

Subtitle: things people say to someone who just got a major haircut.

The good:
-That is so flattering, it really suits you. Thanks, nice person!
-So cute! What a nice change! Ditto!
-Oh wow, you're so brave. I really actually don't love this one, but I know people mean well... guys, it's just a haircut. I did not actually risk anything but my self-image.

The bad:
-Wow, if I did that I'd look like a boy! Uh. thanks? So are you saying I don't?
-I could never pull that off. Meh. 

The ugly:
-Was something wrong with your old hair?
-What did you do?!?!
-When you said you might be getting a haircut, I knew I'd like it. I love women with short hair, like my wife. Ew.
-Oh god! Your hair! It's gone!

Yes, all of these have been said to me. I am not sure anyone has any manners anymore.

I love the haircut, and Nick does too, so case is closed.

Something not related to my appearance? Ok... umm... I'm tired? That's all I've got. My shins are aching bad since my outside run on Monday. I don't know what's up with that. Updates to follow.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Here are some pictures. I took 2 days off (not in a row. Don't worry, I don't live in the lap of luxury just yet) and got my haircut on Friday:
If those faces don't make you want to be my best friend, I don't know what will.

 I contemplated dealing with this travesty: the downstairs bathroom. Flowery border and half-assed sponge painted walls. If you look closely, you'll notice they were sponge painted with a BEAR SHAPED SPONGE. For reals.

Yesterday I was home alone, and I woke up looking something like this. The hair gods are having a good told time smiting me for thinking this curly-haired girl could have low-maintenance short hair. I'm sorry, hair gods. I sacrific my flat iron to you. Happy?

I was home all by myself, so after the obligatory lazing about on the couch, I did some laundry, cleaned, and made teeny tiny cookies:

Then I went on a 4 mile run because it was almost 70 degrees outside. The hair gods IM'ed me and told me to put on a hat, or else they'd send someone to steal all my headbands, so I did:

I look stupid in hats.

The run was good, but my miles were 8:10, 8:25, then 9:29 and 9:20. Then I walked 0.1 and was done by around 37 minutes. I think all this fast treadmill running may have broken my speed control abilities, so I need to run outside a bit more and maybe I won't kill myself for the first mile of every run from here on out. Maybe.

Today it's back to work work work. We had Olive Garden last night and I'm starving today. I don't know if those 2 things are related, because I just looked at the nutrition facts for my Ravioli di Portabello and they're pretty good... I mean, it's 50% of the fat I need in a day, and high in calories, but 25g of protein is nothing to sneeze at. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Subtitle: If 5am feels like 4am and 11 am feels like 10am, why am I so hungry for lunch so early?

Second subtitle: Blah blah blah springing forward sucks.

Waking up was rough, so I slept 40 extra minutes, and patted myself on the back, because in real elapsed time, I didn't sleep in at all, I actually got up 20 minutes earlier than I normally do (because 5:40 today is like 4:40 yesterday). I'm a master of justification.

Since I've already talked about how irritated I am at life right now, let's talk about things I'm looking forward to!
April 14: 5k. Less than or equal to 26 minutes. Pr'ing by at least 2 minutes. Being pumped.
Week of April 23: Travel to North Carolina for a little work thingy. I will miss Nick and our Tempurpedic terribly, but I like work travel. One negative: when I come home and have to write my expense report, I have to put justifications for meals like "breakfast," "late breakfast," "afternoon snack #1," "afternoon snack #2," and "post-dinner meal." The people in finance probably think I have the metabolism of a squirrel. 
irrelevant, but come on, ADORBS.

Weekend in May: What I am calling the great Maryland booze tour of 2012. Nick and I are visiting Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick and then Boordy Vineyards near Baltimore. Both were bought with Groupon/LivingSocial deals and both include shmancy hotel stays.
May 20: Half marathon. Oh wait, I'm not excited about this, I might be sort of nervous. Hmm.
First weekend in June: Camping on the beach in the OBX. I hope the weather is nice.
Another week in June: work trip, this time to San Jose. Ok, company, you can send to me to beautiful locales.
June 10: 1 year with Nick. Awww. If that day could include me holding this guy, I think my face would explode from joy.

So that's that. There's light at the end of the tunnel, thank goodness.

Workout note: 40 mins on elliptical yesterday, "600" cals *I know this is insanely inaccurate, but I can use it to at least measure relative levels of exertion from one workout to another. Then I did some planks. Then I tried to do a pullup. Still no success.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


That's how fast I ran my 5k on the treadmill last night! I did 0.3 mile intervals, with 0.1 at 6.5 mph and 0.2 at 7.5 mph. Toward the end I knew I wanted to get below 26 minutes, so I lengthened my fast intervals to 0.21... just enough to make a difference of 6 seconds.

5k is in 5 weeks (April 14, please oh please let these stupid work hours be done soon...). I'm clearly not just training for that, since I also have a half marathon in about 2 months, but I want to take this speed thing to the max and then work on distance. I really don't feel like I've done a "real" workout if I only run 3 miles, so I would like to get back into the longish distances. I made a quasi-training plan for Nick and I for the half, and it includes a 7 mile run this weekend. Hmm. We'll see about that.

The freaking Marine Corps Marathon sold out in 161 minutes. Everyone who successfully got in? Yeah, I don't like you, and I hope you get a paper cut the day before the race and it hurts enough that you are slightly distracted by it occasionally during the race. I might do a charity race, or sign up for the Runner's World Challenge (although that's $250 more ... BUT it includes private bathrooms!!!), or something, just so I can run. I'm sad I didn't sign up in time.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I don't know how to lift weights.

Ok, so maybe Megan can help me out here since she's been lifting weights all the time. I used to lift when I ran cross country in high school, and we'd all just go to the weight room and screw around for 30 minutes and call it a workout. After high school, I'd throw weights into my routine occasionally, because I know they're good for me as a female, good for my running form and injury prevention, and good for maintaining weight. All pluses. I've only recently gotten into figuring out what works best for me and keeping track of weights that I am lifting, frequency, and what muscles are being worked.

Yesterday, the gym was swamped. We only have 2 treadmills, 2 bikes and an elliptical, and there were 7 or 8 people in the gym all trying to do cardio and lift. I got on the treadmill first, and then another guy got on the other treadmill. Nick also wanted to work out, so I figured that I'd do 20 or 30 minutes and then wrap things up and he could hop on, assuming the other guy wasn't done yet. Well, other guy ran a few minutes, then got off and sat. Then ran a few more minutes, then got off and did pushups on the treadmill. Then ran a few more minutes. This meant that I kept thinking "ok, this dude is done, so I'll maintain pace and go for an hour" then "wait.. he's back.. better bump it up!" "no he's done, maintain." Ugh, dude, I get that you're doing a workout but that is obnoxiousness. I did 14 minutes at 6.2 then bumped it up to 7.5 and ran until I got to 20 minutes, then cooled down. Not my ideal running workout, but you've gotta work with your resources. Nick got on and I biked hard for 10 minutes to round out 30 minutes of cardio. Meh. I think I'd like to have at least one day a week be an "add another minute of speed" workout, so next Monday I'll do 15 minutes at 6.2 then get to 25 minutes at 7.5. My end goal will be a 25 minute 5K. I have one lined up on April 14, not sure I can get my time down by then, but a girl can dream.

After that, I still had time, so I decided to just do a bunch of random lifting that worked various muscles. I did:
5 each side bicep curls 30#
10 tricep extensions, lying down 30#
7 lat pull down 90#
10 chest press (machine) 70#
21 side thingies, each side and back extensions
10 lunges, each leg, with 10# in each hand

Repeat once.

Today my body hurts, particularly my butt and chest. Day after soreness and fatigue during workouts are my only metrics for telling whether I worked out enough, so clearly I might need a little more guidance. I am definitely getting more/different leg definition with adding in leg stuff, which is awesome. And while my upper body isn't ripped or anything (because heaven forbid I make any significant diet changes), I feel stronger.

I guess I'll add this as an unofficial goal of mine: lift better. We'll see how that goes.

In other news, lifting makes me extra hungry. And I dreamt Nick proposed at a random bar with this horrible scuffed up ring that his ex bought for him? My brain is weird.

Another random thing: as I read all my old posts from last year, reminiscing about my blog's birthday, I am 99.9% sure that I had hardcore anemia last year, and probably before then. I didn't post treadmill workout times/speeds then, but I remember doing my long runs on the treadmill at 5.0 mph and being DEAD. Yesterday I was fully prepared to run for an hour at 6.2 without any real stress. What a difference a year makes, indeed.

Monday, March 5, 2012

This time last year

It's been almost exactly a year since I started my blog- happy birthday little blog!

Forgive me a little introspection, but this time last year, life was way different and I've been reflecting on the difference a year can make.

This time last year, I was just 6 months into my "first real job" and still adjusting to the joys of paid vacation, a reliable paycheck, and job security. I was also adjusting to having folks expect me to be at work every day. Rough learning curve there.

This time last year, I was working nights, eating all the candy (so some things never change!) and not dealing well with having a weird schedule, being tired, and being out of my comfort zone. I was grouchy, eating unhealthily (unhealthfully? whatever.), and not prioritizing working out.

This time last year, I had JUST signed up for my first marathon, and I was terrified.

This time last year, I owned a motorcycle!

This time last year, I hadn't been on a cruise.

 This is my favorite memory. Ever.

This time last year, I was in an entirely different relationship, and Nick was on the tail end of another one as well. It's all super cliche, but ending that relationship and moving on taught me tons about handling stress, my feelings, and being smart enough to talk to the person you're with instead of thinking things will fix themselves if you give it enough time/moping/resentment. This whole "weird work schedule" thing happens every year, and some years I'll be on night shift. And some years I'll be working 72 hours/week. And some years I'll be stressed. I can't let that all combine into a storm that makes me lazy and grouchy, because then I'm not only someone's slightly chubby, grumpy girlfriend, I'll eventually not be anyone's girlfriend at all.  I didn't explicitly say it, but things were falling apart this time last year, life-wise. I'm not regretting that relationship ending, especially since it led to something so amazing with Nick, but I know I could have handled everything a little more gracefully.

 Moral of the story: This is not a surprise to anyone, but if I let excuses get in the way of working out and eating reasonably good for me food, bad things will happen. I was rereading some of my posts from last year, and goodness! I was a mess sometimes. Lesson learned last year, and this year (so far, fingers crossed), I'm not repeating it. So much changes in just a year...

Thursday, March 1, 2012


A month ago, I was all psyched I was only working 5 days a week, and I got 2 full days off, PLUS those days happened to be weekends. Now, things are topsy turvy, I only get one day a week off, and that day is Sunday. Lame. I either wish it was Saturday so things would be open later, or Monday so I could go run real errands.

Things I have to do this weekend:
-grocery shop
-clean house
-financial planning type stuff
-finalize grades in the class I'm teaching
-pluck eyebrows (seriously)
-get haircut
-shop for a mattress

Things I want to do this weekend:
-go shopping (I got a gift card to J. Crew from Nick for Christmas and it's just sitting there... unused.. unloved... unbelievable!)
-see a movie
-cook something fun and complicated, possibly involving yeast
-sleep in
-grocery shop
-lase hair removal (see: things that need to be open on the weekend)

Only a teeny bit of overlap there- what can I say, I love me some grocery shopping. I'm turning into a real hosebeast with the stress of work, so another thing on both the have to/want to lists should be "spend quality time with Nick" but unfortunately, that's tough given the current situation. Only 5 more weeks of this...