Thursday, February 9, 2012

Things that have been happening

Run Monday: 4.1 miles, 40 minutes, TM
Tuesday: moved out of my old house... now to check out with my landlady.
Wednesday: ate ALL THE ICE CREAM. Ran 4.4 miles in 40 minutes, TM.

Cause and effect right there. Ice cream = speed. Of course, Monday also involved 2 lbs. of gummi bears and many, many Starbursts, and apparently those do not equal speed. Something about saturated fat makes running better?


You may be thinking, wtf Laurel, since when do you eat junk at all times? Since it was put in front of my face at all times. I have less than zero self control. The square root of less than zero. My self control's an imaginary number. I'm in weird work mode, where we're working long days (11 hours for me, 12 or 13 for others) and our boss provides us snack foods to keep morale high. And the snack foods are somehow inches away at all times. I think it works, until 2 weeks into this thing when no one can wear pants anymore and morale plummets at the sight of coworkers' heineys. We have separate candy bowls for chocolate and fruity candy, full size candy bars, nuts, cookie packs, crackers, popcorn, yogurt, string cheese, ice cream sandwiches, beef jerky (if you're into that kind of thing), rice crispie treats, and the aforementioned gummi bears. And those are the supplies purchased for the first week. Plus Rice crispie treats made by someone's wife, cupcakes made by a coworker, and the ice cream bought by my boss. Seriously. I hade a Rice crispie thing the other day just because I was curious. Curious got me a tummy ache.

I guess normal people would be ok with this, but I'm a dangerous mix of gluttonous and rationalizing, so I'll eat handfuls of gummi bears (75 handfuls. and yes, i know they have gelatin in them. bad vegetarian) and then be like "LOL those were carb-y but I'll eat less later!" and then my blood sugar takes a turn for the monstrous and I end up eating again in 20 minutes.

I'm ranting, so I'll end here by saying: last night on the treadmill I kept reaching down to get what I thought was a thread that was bothering me and rubbing my legs. It was just my legs touching each other in ways they usually don't because they're usually more muscle than squish. I solemnly swear I will eat less crap today. Amen.

PS: I started using the Mia by Clarisonic that my mother got me for Christmas. It made my face look like this:

WHYYYY do I have a zit now and I haven't had one in many, many months? Uncool, Mia.