Thursday, February 2, 2012

Picture perfect

I so envy bloggers who are able to take gorgeous pictures of their outfits, meals, and  everything else in their lives. This is because what started as a simple goal to take a picture of my hair and how it got extra curly from walking in the rain to work this morning and after 7 pictures, this is the best one I could get:

Neckless wonder.
I barely even own a camera. During my unpacking activities at Nick's, I found a digital camera from maybe 2003? It was horrible and weighed a ton. It was put in the "donate" pile, although I pity the person who considers that a find. It was probably 1 megapixel, so I'm pretty sure most people could draw a more accurate picture. We also found a slightly more current camera that could not be turned on. It was pocket-sized and cute, but non-functional. Donate also- although the person who suceeds in turning on that beauty will be blessed with some pictures of my face.  I really don't feel like I'm missing anything without a camera. That is because there always seems to be someone else around taking pictures who does a better job than I ever will, and I just mooch off of that person. I'm so cool. The rest of the time I get by with crappy camera phone pictures. Life is hard.

In other news, extended work hours begin.... now! And of course today my landlady called and said she has someone wanting to rent my house, so the perfect storm of stressors is happening. It'll be alright (I only have my couch, entertainment center, sofa table, coffee table, chair, ottoman, and bed to move... really not that much) but I have that familiar monster on my chest feeling nonetheless. Ugh. I'm still doing well prioritizing working out (most of the time!) and eating well, so I'm hoping that momentum carries me through the next 9 weeks!

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