Friday, February 24, 2012

I will never be a "real" blogger

I love blogs. I read them wayyyy too much. Nick has commented before on my ridiculous google reader list. Also, I refer to bloggers by their names (Monica, Gina, SkinnyRunner). Does that make me a stalker? (answer: sorta).

Anyways, I love reading those girls because they show so much of their lives through pictures. I would LOVE to show pictures of my food concoctions or weird things throughout the day, but I can't. This is totally a first world problem, but I'm not able to take pictures at my place of work. Not at all. Not cell phone pictures, not real pics, nothing. That's never going to change as long as I have this job, so my posts are always gonna be a little dry. In addition, my gym is at my work, so I cannot take pics there. Woe is me.

I was especially reminded of this when reading Cassie's latest post about a day in her life. I thought I'd do it too, but it would be sans pics. Oh well, here you go:

This was my Wednesday:
0500: Wake up. Grumble. Snuggle Nick more.
0508: actually get out of bed, wash face, get dressed, downstairs to eat a banana and 2 hard boiled eggs. Drop one hard boiled egg in trash as I'm peeling it. Rinse it and wash it with a little soap and eat it anyways. Get lunch together, shoes on
0520: Back upstairs. Makeup, teeth brushed, and say bye to Nick. Downstairs again.
0530: on the road!
0600: at work! sit at my desk until 0700 or so checking emails, drinking coffee, and figuring out my day.
0700: go meet up with folks and figure out more about my day. Eat cheerios.
0900: in midst of work, eat an apple and a granola bar. Used to be string cheese with my apple, but I ran out, and am trying to cut back on dairy, so granola bar it is!
1100: eat peanut butter and honey on wheat and a big bunch of veggies.
1100-1400: workworkwork
1400: eat peanut snack. And maybe some other random stuff.
1400-1700: workworkwork
1700: go to gym at work with Nick. Run intervals (0.1 @ 6.0, 0.15 @ 7.5 x 12 plus 0.2 cooldown- total 3.3 miles... this was FAST [for me]!). Add on 8 x 30 seconds planks (middle, side, middle, side, repeat)
1800: Leave gym with Nick. We can carpool sometimes if we're feeling snazzy. Today was one of those days.
1830: at home. Shower. Throw Tofu Pups in the pan, plus a salad. Devour. Do a load of laundry and veg out.
2100: go to bed.

So... yeah, less exciting to just read without pics, right? Lame.

I'll work on being less lame. I swear.

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