Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sleep marathon

I really need one of those. I got to work at 5:50 Tuesday and Wednesday morning. That's 10 minutes till 6. Two days in a row. Even though I got in a full hour later today, I'm still feeling a little draggy.

I made these the other night though, and they are delicious! Carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Nom. They were for my coworkers.. it's the 1 year anniversary of one of my big projects, and they needed a big thank you from me for dealing with the difficulties that we've dealt with along the way.

29 cupcakes with nuclear green frosting.

Bohr model of the atom... sorta :)

Random ions.

Monday night I ran 5.5 on the treadmill at work and it was... meh. My shins were hurting. I ended the run feeling burnt out, but not in a good way, and my stomach was in knots. Bleh. Then I finished with some tricep dips and other random plyo stuff. Once I got home I had some chili (so. much. chili.) and felt a little better, but ugh, severe stomach upset after running is getting pretty old. Wish my body didn't suck so much.
A tummy... holding its tummy. I'm so glad the internet exists.

Last night's run was... less bad? I don't know. I was going to do intervals, but the treadmill at work is kind of dumb about intervals. You set the total time, jog and run speeds, and overall incline, but cannot change incline for the jog vs. run or set the interval time, so I started off with an hour, 5.0 slow speed, 6.5 fast speed, and no other guidance... I have a hard time with that. I did 3 minutes (0.25 mile) at jog, then sped it up and felt comfortable... so I went 1.25 at the run speed. Not exactly an interval there. Another 2 mins @ jog, then 13 mins at run speed. Still feeling ok, so I bumped up the run speed for the next interval.. and crashed. Eked out 7 minutes of running, then did some fairly slow speed stuff to finish up with 5.5 miles. The whole run, my stomach felt terrible, but at least I didn't need to stop. Oh well.

Swimming with Nick tonight! Yay!

34.3 miles for 2012.

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