Monday, January 16, 2012

Quarter marathon

When I initially came up with my "1000 miles in 2012" plan, I had mentally planned out 5 miles, 4 times a week, repeat 50 times. I had not really planned to do 5 miles the first week and 18.3 the next. For anyone who is counting: no, I did not reach 20 either week. I'm losing already (or these can just be my 2 "free" weeks for the year. Best to get those pesky things out of the way early anyways).

Nick and I headed out Saturday late afternoon for a run of indeterminate length. We had skipped a planned run on Friday and I felt all sorts of workout guilt, so I think I started the run a little aggressively because I was craving a nice burn. Well, I was waiting on Nick to tell me when he wanted to turn around.. and waiting.. and waiting. I checked in a couple of times and he was still chugging along. About 3 miles in, he suggested we just go to the bridge, a point where we would have to turn around. I knew we were still a good mile from there, but was feeling ok, so we did it. I looked at my watch (my Garmin wasn't charged so I just used my phone for an unofficial timer) and it had been 35 minutes. For 4 miles. That is so not my pace. Granted, it was a net downhill run, but still... I'm a 9-10 minute mile kind of girl. That's more like 8:45 pace for 4 miles! On the way back I felt like we were dragging a big, but we made it to about 5.8 miles before we started walking, then walked/jogged the last 2.2 home in the dark. It was really invigorating and I don't think Nick or I expected to run that far that night! I'm so proud he was able to hang in there, since that's the longest run he's ever done, and having him along definitely pushed me both for distance and time! We're a good pair.

The only unpleasant side effect of an unexpected long run? Unexpected soreness. My shins are KILLING me today (maybe from the hills? maybe I need new shoes?). I'm going to knock out 5 easy this afternoon and some lifting and hopefully the soreness turns out to be temporary. I really need to be more on track with consistently getting miles in so I'm not so far below my needed miles so early in the year. Boo.

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