Monday, January 23, 2012

Planning landslide


I find that I do my best planning in short bursts, and then completely lose any motivation in between these bursts. Example 1: last Sunday Nick and I planned our meals for the week, I cooked and froze stuff, and we ate like kings solely off of frozen foods. Example 2: this weekend, we got to days that I had not planned for, and I was at a loss. Evidenced by a delicious Wawa cheesy sandwich for lunch and pizza for dinner lon Sunday... not bad, just definitely convenience food. Add to that I was chugging cranberry juice (read: sugar water) all day in order to fight off an impending UTI. It goes without saying my stomach was a monster all afternoon and evening and made it so I slept poorly. Lame.

Here's a snapshot that makes my weekend look like way less fun than it actually was:
I like my boyfriend, and I like dancing, but dancing WITH him? Meh.

I am assured there are more flattering pictures of me out there, but this is what I have available so far. We had a work party at the Air and Space Museum in DC-- pretty much the coolest venue ever. It was a lot of fun. We got to go watch a planetarium show, and they had IMAX movies available also. So neat! Not pictured are the many glasses of white wine that kicked my butt and led to the complete lack of planning on Sunday. If we eat Spaghettio's all week, it was the wine's fault.

On Friday I ran for 31 minutes at an ~8:20 pace. I don't know who swapped out my legs for fast ones, but I'll totally take it. I took the entire weekend off of working out. And I'm happy about that.

So, an actual meal/workout plan? Would be nice.

Monday: gym (5 miles), grocery store, home to make white bean and rosemary soup and eat leftover chili.
Tuesday: gym?, beans for dinner
Wednesday: gym maybe (5 more miles!), out for dinner (work thing at a seafood restaurant... baked potato here I come), come home and make pasta thing
Thursday: swim, pasta thing
Friday: run, out for dinner again (work thing, again)
Saturday: run or TV workout or something... then pasta thing? beans? out? Maybe?

Good things about this plan: gets me to the gym. Bad things: lots of dinners out. But I'll take free food.

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