Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mini-goals- week 4


1. No more work candy (January 3)
             Update: I ate Toblerone yesterday. Someone call the candy police.

...okay, that's a super bad attitude, I know. I made this a goal because it was a bad habit, but, as with all things absolute, I tend get resistant and rebel. The Toblerone was not a crime, and it was a special occasion vs. the mindless Hershey Kiss grabbing I normally do. So I'm ok with this one.

2. Stop picking/biting at my nails (January 10).
Poor resolution/focus means you can't see how chipped my nails are... I guess until all the peeling grows out I need to keep them super short? And painted? I have been doing a lot better about not biting, but annoying hangnails and such need to be addressed (read: I'm still gross and put my hands in my mouth. ugh.)

3. Artificial sweetener elimination (January 17)- I actually had about a million chances to get a diet Coke this weekend, and I resisted despite needing caffeine.

4. Say "like" less (January 24)- such an annoying filler word. I'm enlisting Nick to help with this one, and hopefully sound less like a valley girl and more like a 26 year old.

In other news: 43.56 miles for the year so far, after a triumphant 5.66 miles on the treadmill yesterday while watching Mythbusters. That made the time pass super quick. Annnnd.... only 956.44 miles left (fun fact: at 10 min/mile, that means I still have 159.4 hours of running left this year, or a little less than a week straight of running. That almost seems doable!)

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  1. way to go on the running!! in my modest opinion i'd say that's the most important goal so if u go astray ont he others that's okay! ;) haha. okay, i'm sorry but Toblerone is a major food group. also, i've picked my nails for years, tried waaaay too many times to stop....but, i still have the hands of an 8 year old boy..lol.