Thursday, January 5, 2012

Justifying my habits

I had an unspoken goal that I was going to make a bunch of tiny lifestyle changes in 2012. "Experts agree it takes 21 days to form a habit." (although I can't find any actual evidence of this...). 21 days = 3 weeks = 17.3 twenty-one day periods in a year. The first of my tiny goals was to quit weekday coffee. I have done this approximately 100 times in the last 2 years, and I fail each time. My basis for the goal this time? Some vague understanding of coffee being inflammatory  and affecting adrenal function (I read too much but research too little). Actual research can be found here. And more layman friendly info can be found here.

Take-home message: I'm not actually doing my health any favors by foregoing caffeine, and I might be hurting my cholesterol levels. Another reason I had for quitting was that it made taking my iron in the morning unduly complicated. I had to time my morning with a 6:30 multivitamin, 7:30 Cheerios and Iron, 8:30 coffee. If I disruptued this schedule with meetings or whatever, I was all out of whack, missing my caffeine or not being able to take my iron until later. Just annoying, but workable. My third reason for quitting was pure vanity- I like my teeth being blindingly white. Really, just white enough to push the bounds of reality. Really, really white:

Disclaimer: not my teeth. Mine are actually 57 shades whiter.

White teeth are not a reason to give up glorious, delicious coffee and the delightful effects of caffeine. Inconvenience is, but whatever.

So, today, January 5, I resolve to start a new habit: one cup of coffee a day, every day I feel like it. If it doesn't jive with my iron intake, I'll skip it. I hope to continue this habit for at least 21 days, and beyond.

Now for a new goal: no work candy dish. 21 days started 1/3, should be less upsetting to bypass yummy candy by 1/24, when I'll tackle something new.

5/1000 miles in 2012.

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