Friday, January 13, 2012

Hardest thing I've ever done

I have nervous tics. I know this. I'm a fidgeter, which research has said is actually good for my health. However, this is annoying to everyone, especially me, when I suddenly become aware I'm swiveling in my chair, tapping my pen, playing with my hair, or, most often, doing something really annoying with my nails. I am writing about this because a friend asked about my post Wednesday and said, "I never notice you messing with your nails, aren't they usually painted?" Yes, they are, so that I can keep from tearing them to pieces. The minute I unpaint them, or often before then, I end up picking or biting them. Ugh.

These are my nails today:
It's difficult to see here, but they are splitting and peeling, basically just asking to be picked at.. sigh.

And this is how they look after about 12 hours of being painted.
I'm a picker! I envy people with nice, strong nails (mine can't even be used for opening a can of soda without tearing, and sometimes even an energetic back scratch screws them up), and I would really like to be one of them. However, I've caught myself about 75 times in the last 24 hours just picking away at my nails. It's a mindless thing that I need to try reallllly hard to fix. Quitting coffee (temporarily) was easier than this. I know about products like these that are supposed to stop biting, but picking is another story. We'll see how this goes. 3 weeks till I'm cured... hopefully!

Wednesday's run: 5.2 miles in 51 minutes. That's 5 miles in 51 minutes, then 5.1 in 51, then 5.2 in 51. It hurts to go faster but it feels good! 984.7 left for the year :)

I also followed up my workout with 2 sets of: 10 biceps @ 25 lbs, 10 pull downs @ 80 lbs, 10 triceps @ 25 lbs, and 20 weight-free plie squats (which are a fun way to instantly feel better about your leg muscles!). I also did middle/side/middle/side/middle planks @ 45 seconds each.

Yesterday's workout- swimming!!! Nick came swimming with me. He is new to swimming for exercise, but I'm really excited to maybe have a swimming buddy. I did 1000 meters and then went and ate an epic pizza. Feta makes pizzas so, so good.

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