Thursday, January 26, 2012


Goals are great (I swear someday I'll talk about something other than goals. Promise.). They're motivating, give us something to work toward, yadda. For me, they also mean that a schedule on a page can make me super grumpy. This week, I was looking forward to my first! week! of! 20! miles! to actually get on track for 1000 miles in 2012. Well... then life happened. I ran 5.66 on Monday, ellipticalled on Tuesday (I don't like to run too many days in a row because it's led to injury in the past), and yesterday I had big plans to run after work again. I had a work dinner that started at 5, so I packed workout clothes and also a towel so I could shower after working out. And then I left them at home. No biggie, just go home and run? That all hinged on leaving work at 3pm, no later. I walked out the door at 3:25.

Surprise twist: I didn't run. Nick was home sick, so cuddling with him for a few minutes, watching TV and painting my nails won out over running at most 3 miles in the cold, then rushing to get ready and rushing to dinner. Not appealing.

Now I have that run looming over me.

That brings us to today. I woke up in the middle of the night with a raging UTI (TMI, you're welcome), and drugged myself with some painkillers. I slept poorly, dragged myself to work and am now fighting the nausea that comes from drinking 3 bottles of cranberry juice when one's stomach is NOT used to it. I'm already thinking about how unpleasant the rest of my day is going to be unless I get antiobiotics (appointment request has been submitted... now just need a call back!). And I'm thinking about how unlikely it is that I will get around to a quality run when I feel as icky as I do.

Second run of the week that won't happen as I had desired. I am feeling pretty derailed. The positivity of having this goal is overshadowed by the lameness of stuff getting in the way. I know it's only January but still... boo. I also know forcing myself to run while sick is a stupid idea so... I don't know. I'm grumpy and tired of cranberry juice and having to pee every 2 minutes, so my thoughts are clouded.

How about some good news?

This is what the outside of my orange looked like yesterday:

Creepy. but I withheld judgment

And this is the inside:

Yum. Definitely worth the peeling effort.

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