Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cooking spree =

Cookie spree.

In semi-normal Sunday fashion, I cooked a bunch yesterday. I made a huge batch of brown rice for freezing, hardboiled eggs for the week, and a big pan of pasta/veggie/cheesy casserole for 4 dinners. I also made cookies. Oh so many cookies. I guess it was really the normal number of cookies, but it seemed like a lot because I then proceeded to eat them. All. Ok, not all, but a lot. Then I had more yesterday at work. My tummy is full of chocolate peanut butter goodness junk.

Nick was feeling better this weekend so we started putting up garage door openers. Who would have thought that this would be such an empowering experience (and I've never used the word empowering in my life... it's a ridiculous word). 

This innocent looking feller was a bugger to install (and it's not  anywhere near done yet!!). I used a circular saw, drilled "pilot holes" and worked with Nick to fasten it to the ceiling.... neat! I don't actually create stuff all that often, so it was a nice change. Then last night I installed new toilet seats. I feel so accomplished.

 Last night's run was... weird. I did 0.25 miles at 5.0, then 0.25 at 7.5, repeat until 3.0 miles. I was going to then do some shorter ones (I felt really good...that was why it was so weird), but my tummy started acting up so I just cooled down for a minute and biked for 10 mins. Then I did some push ups (I have a sneaking suspicion my form sucks), bicycles, leg lifts and tricep dips. Funsies.

Still chugging along.. somewhere around 53 miles done in 2012. I'll get there eventually....

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