Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012 mini-goals

I'm a couple days late in updating my 2012 mini goals, but so far, so good! Let's have a recap:

1. No more work candy (January 3)
             Update: Yeah, maybe I need to be more specific, because during a work function yesterday, I was             chomping on cookies like a mofo, and I justified it by "meh, it's not work CANDY." Oh, me. Not                even an hour later I had some candy... but it was from someone individually, not my boss' dish, so I             justified that too. I am so silly.
2. Stop picking/biting at my nails (January 10).
            Update: Better... overall. I have been mindful of keeping my fingers out of my mouth and not pick,             then yesterday I tried to open a container and 2 of my nails started peeling in all different directions            and I had to peel them until I no longer had rough edges. I'm a mess. I definitely am making            headway. The biggest help for me so far has been using hand lotion. First, it makes my hands prettier            so I am less likely to pick. Second, it makes them taste terrible, so I am less likely to bite. Win win!

And here's this week's-

3. Artificial sweetener elimination (January 17)- this was going to be "no more diet soda" but I really don't have trouble with that. I go through phases of drinking Diet Coke like it's my job, but those are few and far between, and usually occur when I'm in a weird work situation or am eating out a lot. I get into trouble with parties where Rum and Diet coke is my drink of choice. It would be better to become a vodka tonic type of girl (just need to learn to not hate tonic?), or stick to beer which is more filling and less instantly intoxicating anyways. So. Diet Coke? Shouldn't be a problem. Overall, I think I eat almost nothing with artificial sweeteners (except my Vitamin C supplement...sorry but that's not going away). So why am I even making this a goal? First- it's a nice freebie. And with this crazy nail biting moratorium, I need a freebie. But also, it will make me at least a little more aware of the ingredients in what I'm eating. And that's definitely a good thing.

Here's a preview of some upcoming goals:
-stop buying things that break the 5 ingredient rule (cheerios? please be simply made... I needz you)
-stop saying "Like"
-stop playing with my hair as a nervous tic

I'm going to be the most self-controlled, healthy person by the end of 2012. Or insane. One of the two.

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