Friday, April 29, 2011


Yesterday's run was just utter ridiculousness. First, some pertinent backstory. This week has been thunderstorm week, and although my corner of Maryland did not get hit with the dangerous weather that the south did, we got some crazy storms. One of those was yesterday afternoon. Also, I've been moving out of my storage unit because it's basically a waste of $88/month that could definitely be going elsewhere. I've sold several things on craigslist over the last week, and last night was the final piece to be sold.

I go the gym because of the aforementioned storms. I'm chugging along on the treadmill, pleased with my life, when the TV in the gym loses satellite signal. No biggie, until about 2 minutes later when the power suddenly goes out and I fall sideways onto the armrail on the gym when the treadmill stops abruptly. Painful, but survivable. The power comes back on almost immediately, so I start everything back up, walk a little, then get back to running. Maybe 10 minutes later, a phone call from the person I'm selling my couch to, so I slow the treadmill down again. "Hey, I'll be there in 30, does that work?" I say sure, mentally note the time and continue on my merry way. I figured I still had 15 minutes to run before I needed to leave and meet her. The very instant I get back up to speed, the power flickers, then goes out AGAIN. This time I didn't fall, but swear words ensue. It comes back on, and decide to give the treadmill one last chance to give me a workout. It looked like the worst of the storm had passed, so I figured I'd at least cool down really well then head out. Again, I got back up to speed and the girl buying the couch called... "umm actually we're a lot closer than I thought, can you meet me in 10 minutes." I was 10 minutes away, drenched in sweat and still panting, and I said to hell with propriety, I'm selling a couch, not going to dinner. She can handle sweatiness.

The couch got sold, and I ran somewhere around 4 miles, with all my short segments added up. I've done worse. It was a flustering experience, but it still got done! Today I'll walk with my mom (thunderstorms seem to have ceased for the time being) and maybe bike ride. Tomorrow is Christmas in April, a community event to help do maintenance and repair work on the houses of folks who aren't as capable of making those repairs any longer. I signed up for yard work, so that'll be a fun, active day.

And.. that's it. Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


My posts all have exactly the same theme. Why do they all need different titles? I'm unoriginal.

Yesterday it RAINED. There was thunder, lightning, and torrential downpouring right before I left work, so I was thinking it would be an indoor workout day. Then it cleared up and it was a glorious, although humid afternoon. Andrew had a surprise evening off, so we went for a bike ride, around 5.4 miles to my parents house and back, with a long break in the middle. It was pretty good, just a little windy, and on the way there we kept being interrupted by emergency vehicles on their way to a motorcycle accident (my dad whipped out his internet police scanner... keeping it classy). The young man on the motorcycle was airlifted out, so we got to see the helicopter leaving and everything. Scary, definitely the bad kind of exciting.

I volunteered at the Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore for almost 2 years in college and it seemed like 80% of the folks who were brought in were young, male motorcycle accident victims. At the time I was dating a young, male, motorcycle rider, so I ended up crying a lot at that job. I'm currently dating a young, male motorcycle rider (a different one, but still) who is very skilled and safe but it still makes me worry a lot.

On that note. How about dinner? I had a big salad with cottage cheese and a tortilla. I was considering taco bell with Andrew but I couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger on that much processed food, and I knew I'd feel better if I stuck with stuff that's a little kinder to my body.

Today I think I'll run inside, maybe something quick but short? I know I've talked about using Hal Higdon's Intermediate I training schedule.. you will see from yesterday's post that I extended the duration from 18 weeks to (originally) 30 weeks. I figure extra training never hurt anyone. I'm just not adhering to it, really, just yet because I don't want to overtrain and end up with shin splints or another injury, so I'm still in the 'upping my mileage while still mixing it up a bit' stage. I really need to commit, now, to running 5 days a week, but I'm not quite there yet. Maybe next week? I'll definitely try and do a long run this weekend though.

Food.. the usual. Use your imagination :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh hi!

There you are, training schedule! Good to see you..

27April 25-May 1cross3 m run5 m run3 m runrest5 m pace8
26May 2-8cross3 m run5 m run3 m runrest5 m run9
25May 9-15cross3 m run5 m run3 m runrest5 m pace6
24May 16-22cross3 m run5 m run3 m runrest5 m pace8
23May 23-29cross3 m run5 m run3 m runrest5 m run9
22May 30-Jun 5cross3 m run5 m run3 m runrest5 m pace6
21Jun 6-12cross3 m run6 m run3 m runrest6 m pace11
20Jun 13-19cross3 m run6 m run3 m runrest6 m run12
19Jun 20-26cross3 m run5 m run3 m runrest6 m pace9
18Jun 27-Jul 3cross3 m run5 m run3 m runrest5 m pace8
17Jul 4-10cross3 m run5 m run3 m runrest5 m run9
16Jul 11-17cross3 m run5 m run3 m runrest5 m pace6
15Jul 18-24cross3 m run6 m run3 m runrest6 m pace11
14Jul 25-31cross3 m run6 m run3 m runrest6 m run12
13Aug 1-7cross3 m run5 m run3 m runrest6 m pace9
12Aug 8-14cross4 m run7 m run4 m runrest7 m pace14
11Aug 15-21cross4 m run7 m run4 m runrest7 m run15
10Aug 22-28cross4 m run5 m run4 m runrest7 m pace11
9Aug 29-Sept 4cross4 m run8 m run4 m runrest8 m pace17
8Sept 5-11cross5 m run8 m run5 m runrest8 m run18
7Sept 12-18cross5 m run5 m run5 m runrest8 m pace13
6Sept 19-25cross5 m run8 m run5 m runrest5 m pace20
5Sept 26-Oct 3cross5 m run5 m run5 m runrest8 m run12
4Oct 3-9cross5 m run8 m run5 m runrest5 m pace20
3Oct 10-16cross5 m run6 m run5 m runrest4 m pace12
2Oct 17-23cross4 m run5 m run4 m runrest3 m run8
1Oct 24-30cross3 m run4 m runrestrest2 m runrace

Tomorrow I will comment on my thoughts and feelings about this, and my plan of attack.


I've had a few... Mostly that I'm too old/drink too rarely/have a broken liver and cannot handle even ONE beer on a week night. I went out with Andrew for a friend's going away party last night and had my one beer after dinner, came home and went to bed at a reasonable hour, then tossed and turned and barely slept until 12:30, when I got up to use the bathroom. Sleep was good after that. I'm not complaining that I'm a lightweight/cheap date, but really, I feel like a grown up should be ok with one beer. I didn't feel any more than a tiny bit buzzed, but my sleep was super disturbed. Upsetting.

I ran last night for 4 miles, slowish but not super slow. It was windy, and somehow my headwind on the way out was still a headwind on the way back... unfair. My legs felt good, the weather was not too oppressive (though cars that passed me might have thought otherwise given my sweatiness), and overall it was enjoyable. Then I did 3 x 1:15 wall sits, 2 x 1:15 plank plus another minute, 26 x 3 sideways leg things, and 12 x 3 pushups. My lower back hurts big time, I think from overdoing it on the planks. Dinner was a big salad, some leftover taco fake meat, and 4 rice cakes. My meal timing was a little screwy because I was starving right after running, so I was hungry again a couple hours later.

Today I'll either bike outside or elliptical inside...or something. Its supposed to be super windy, but tomorrow it is supposed to thunderstorm, so I'd like to get some outside workouts in while the weather is favorable. We'll see how my tiredness goes today.

Food.. the usual.
breakfast/morning snack: insert yesterday's
lunch: lentil soup, muffin, veggies
afternoon snack: yesterday's
dinner: pasta?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


It is finally starting to feel like summer, which means heat and humidity are ramping up. I'm a big sweater, so I like to think my body is super efficient at removing heat, but I think it is really that I'm just a sweaty person. I am not really looking forward to the extra effort it feels like I have to expend to run in the sticky heat, but I hope my body will get accustomed to it quickly.

Yesterday I did intervals on the treadmill at the gym. The program was set for 8 intervals, top speed 7.5 with 1% grade, slow speed 5.0 with 0% grade. I did the first 6 with no problem but I felt what I thought was hunger when I was at the high speed, and felt fine at low speed. The last 2 intervals I did pretty slow, then cooled down with a mile at 5.5. During that last mile I started feeling like butt, and slowly came to realize I was not going to keep down whatever non-food I had in my stomach. So I puked. It was the least fun kind of puking because I didn't have anything in my stomach, and I didn't feel any better afterwards. I hobbled home and showered and had dinner, still feeling pretty meh. Dinner was tacos, plus black beans for fun and iron.

I didn't have really restless legs last night, I had like restless body syndrome where I had tons of trouble getting the right body position/temperature. I also dreamt I was swimming in a weird swimsuit that zips up the front, then I was stuck in a rowboat and told to row across the East River in NY at night. I had this huge heavy blanket and the boat kept filling up with water and I kept rowing in circles and telling the people around me "it's ok, I'm just getting the feel of the boat." I ran into a lot of walls. I don't want to even consider the symbolism of all that, it could get deep... pun intended :)

Today I'm gonna do 4 miles outside, as slowly or quickly as the heat indicates I should run.

Food is...
breakfast: O's, banana, egg, muffin
snack: apple, cheese, another muffin
lunch: pizza, veggies
snack: peanuts, orange
dinner: tbd

Monday, April 25, 2011


Super unenthusiastic about life. I dreamt about this jewelry organizer from the Container Store that my awesome mom bought me this weekend. One of my many weirdnesses is that I love just having things put away, rather than actually worrying about organization. Out of sight, out of mind is definitely my motto. So my mom buying that sweet organizer meant that my jewelry box no longer looks like a war zone. It has almost enough spots for all my earrings, necklaces, and some bracelets (her Easter gift to me was more earrings!). So you'd think dreaming about it would have been an enjoyable experience. That was very much not the case. It was an oddly stressful dream where I like couldn't find the right combination of shirt and necklace. Very weird. Long story short, I woke up feeling like I got hit by a bus.

This weekend was overall good. I got a lot accomplished, but Andrew was gone for most of it so the quiet of the apartment got to me at the end. Saturday morning we went for a hike around a big lake sort of near where we live with a group from work. It was about a 7.5 mile loop so I was scoping it out as a running route. Verdict: probably a good route if it hasn't rained recently. It had been/was still rainy on Saturday morning so there was a lot of jumping over creeks and walking through mud. Our little group saw the same runner go by twice while we went around the lake once, and everyone marveled at him. I know I'm not the queen of the long run, but I was still a little proud that people were impressed with how far he was running, and I could say to myself that I had run that far too (I'm assuming he was doing 15 miles... not 22.5 or more :) ) The rest of Saturday was spent shopping and eating.

Yesterday was a day of rest... except not. I spent my Easter morning by myself, baking banana bread muffins and cleaning cleaning cleaning. The floors seriously needed scrubbing, as did the bath tub, and laundry was calling my name. The apartment was much better when it was done, I'm not sad when I walk in the kitchen anymore. In my cleaning frenzy, I also went to my parents house and used their garage to vacuum out my car, which was getting pretty grassy/muddy, and I half-heartedly helped weed the garden. I decided to classify all these activities as my 'workout' for the day, because I definitely was working hard, and by the time all was said and done, the day was basically gone and I was super tired.

We just got our results for the 'biometric' screening from last week. I have slightly high body fat (measured by impedance), but good cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Also, my blood glucose was LOW... 63 when the lower limit is 75. The internet seems to indicate that this is not really a big problem, just means I need to eat more frequently. This is not news to me.

Today I will... who knows. It's going to be pushing 90 today, so I'm not sure an outside afternoon run is in the cards. I'm thinking intervals at the gym, because I haven't done that in a while and I sort of like intervals on the treadmill.

Food for today:
breakfast: the new normal- banana, cheerios, egg
snack: apple, banana muffin
lunch: leftover pizza hut and veggies
afternoon snack: orange? not a lot of snack because there's a lot of pizza
dinner: tbd- tacos?

Friday, April 22, 2011


I'm the most scatterbrained person ever. That is a fact. So this morning when I opened up my bank account and saw "Transfer to Other" in the amount of $300, I wigged out. Where is my $300 going? I immediately went "identity theft!" and started mobilizing the emergency response areas of my brain. Or... I could remember that for the last 4 months I have had an automatic transfer to my car loan. That's the 'other' that was referenced. So not only did I forget a transfer that I had set up in the first place, I forgot something that had happened the last 4 months. I'm gonna play the iron deficiency card here, because it makes me feel better :)

This morning has been glorious. Instead of a 7am meeting, I hada 7:30 meeting, and that extra 30 minutes is just enough to improve my quality of life. Starbucks is also celebrating Earth Day by giving free coffee if you bring in your own reusable mug. So I did. That means I'm twitchy caffeinated though, and that is not the best situation. I used to have 3-4 cups of coffee a day, but cut back to 1-2, and apparently having both of those within 2 hours after waking up has a negative effect on me. I'm shaky.

I dreamt that Will Ferrell was helping me choose foods from the Whole Foods salad and hot food bar. I need to not watch The Office right before bed.

Yesterday was a short run followed by playing on the Wii and stretching. Fairly chill/easy day. Today I'm either going to walk with my mom or do some elliptical, weather depending.

Food yesterday night was pasta, tofu (iron!) and little salad. Food today is all up in the air, except for my breakfast and morning snack, which I have already eaten. I lead an exciting life.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

New schedule

I'm trying to figure out a new running schedule for my marathon training. My current one has 5 running days, a cross training, and a rest day. I am coming to realize that will probably kill me both mentally and physically. I've been crafting a mental plan that give me 2 cross training and 4 running instead. I don't know if that will work though. Another complication is that in the summer it gets so ridiculously disgusting around here in the afternoons, weather-wise, so I need to have a running schedule with room for my runs to either be done in either the very very wee hours of the morning and just occasionally in the afternoon. I'm also thinking I will need to mentally accept treadmill days every now and then instead of treating them like throwaway runs.

We'll see. Work in progresss. Yesterday I ran about 1.5 miles and walked another 0.5 or so with Andrew at a pace that was a little fast for me and a lot slow for him.
Ugh... so, my diet? I was initially irritated at the Red Cross for telling me my hemoglobin (iron) is too low (it was too low for the instrument to detect, so less than 10.5 g/dL). Stupid Red Cross judging my vegetarian lifestyle (note: I actually thought this. I'm a moody 14 year old on the inside). THEN I actually took a look at what I eat and the iron content of my go-to foods.

Breakfast- cottage cheese: 0.3 mg iron, banana: 0.3 mg, egg: 0.6 mg
Snack- apple: 0.2 mg iron, cheese: basically none

And the list goes on... I'm supposed to be getting around 27 mg of iron a day. I could eat 50 granola bars (which say they have 2% of my iron recommendation), or 3.5 cans of lentil soup. A more realistic option is that I get over my mild fear of carbs and eat Cheerios. Cheerios have around 33% of the iron recommendation for me in one serving (9mg! Fun fact: iron daily value percentages listed on packaging are for the 'average adult... meaning they're somewhere between the recommendation for a man and a woman. Men should be getting 18 mg, I should be getting 50% more than that. So I can't trust those % DV things at all). I've been anti cereal because I'm not a big fan of it and I've also been all gung-ho and nutty about lean protein for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Iron is harder for a vegetarian to get, but its not impossible. The types of iron I'm eating are non-heme iron (note: almost all this data is from the NIH:  I am NOT a nutritionist!!!), meaning my body has trouble absorbing it, and will absorb more if I have it at the same time as a Vitamin C source. Tricky nutrition.

So what am I going to do? I am going to eat Cheerios every damn day. I'm going to eat more beans and lentils and switch to whole grain pasta. I'm going to put tomatoes (Vitamin C source!) on my salads and mix in spinach to the romaine mix we've currently been eating. Hopefully this will get my iron levels higher, nix the whole "too anemic to donate blood" thing, and possibly even help with my restless legs, since a contributor to that is low iron levels. Weird. I'm also going to be better about taking a multivitamin every day, because I slack on that big time.

That brings us to food for today:
breakfast: take a wild guess! Yes, Cheerios, egg, banana
morning snack: apple, cheese
lunch: lentil soup (30% DV), veggies
afternoon snack: peanuts (somewhere around 1.5 mg iron. I'll take it)
dinner: no idea at all. I'm leaning towards Subway because I have a gift card plus a footlong sub has 30% of someone's daily value of iron (so like 20% of what I need).

Am I being crazy? Little bit. But if I can eat things that I would be eating normally, just enhance my diet a little, and possible make my legs feel better, AND maybe increase my energy levels, then I feel like its worth it. Slowly this stuff will probably get into the huge stockpile of protein and calorie contents floating around in my head and I won't have to think about it as much. Thinking positively!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I lack creativity

In choosing blog post titles. Yesterday's swimming was decent, but since I was supposedly 'not doing a workout' just trying to get yardage in, I sort of lost track of how far I actually went. I'm pretty sure it was around 1700 meters, but I'm not 100%. It was defnitely greater than 1500, less than 1850. I'm good with that, I do love swimming.

My restless legs are getting a little ridiculous, last night I needed to get up and walk around to calm them, and even then they wouldn't stop. Then I had weird dreams where I was shampooing my hair with something called "Going Out" shampoo. What does that even mean? I remember turning the bottle around in my dream shower and encountering the directions/description in like 25 languages and being frustrated I couldn't read it in English. I'm a crazy person.

Today I attempted to give blood, and my iron was super duper low. Grrr. I know the whole vegetarian thing puts a damper on my iron levels, but I've been eating a balanced diet lately and I figured I'd be ok. I need to eat more lentils.

Dinner last night was tacos, salad, and then an egg because I was still starving. I woke up ravenous too (sometimes I can shower before eating breakfast, sometimes I just can't make it those 15 minutes and need a banana right when I get out of bed).

Food today!
breakfast: banana, egg, cottage cheese
snack: the usual
lunch: pizza most likely, I have a meeting
snack(s): the usual
dinner: pasta?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Days of rest

My rest days from the weekend apparently rejuvenated my legs big time, because my 40 minute run yesterday felt great. I didn't even really think about it until a lot later in the evening when it dawned on me, "hey, that was a really pleasant run!" It sounds silly, but I've been having some mental blocks lately (since the 10-miler, since it was such a crappy race for me), and just having a good time running again is a big thing. I just went on random streets around the apartment, did not measure my route. Then I came back and did 3 wall sits x 1:05-1:10, 3 planks 1:00-1:10, pushups 3 x 12, and sideways leg lifts 2 x 30 each leg.

A funny part of the run was my music source (my phone), which was playing Pandora, kept suddenly changing the playback speed of the music. It would go from normal playback, where the song sounded like it always does, to Chipmunk speed (hilarious), then to super duper slow (less hilarious because I'm pretty sure when the bpm decreased, so did my leg turnover). I have no idea why that happened, but I hope it is not a sign that my phone is going down the tubes. It gets a little sweaty if I hold it while I run, maybe I need to use the armband more?

At biometric screening yesterday there was a raffle to win a lunch bag filled with 'healthy' stuff like hand sanitizer, a water bottle, a salad container, and subway giftcards. My dad (who works at the same company as me) won one and gave bits of it to me. Yay! The salad container is a really cute idea.. maybe it will encourage me to bring salads to work. I avoid that normally because carrying dressing gets messy. The green lid is filled with 'freezer gel' so it keeps your stuff chilly, and the top white part holds dressing. All the lids screw on, so you don't have to worry as much about leakage through a faulty seal. Hopefully. If I end up using it I'll let everyone know how it works.

Tonight is swimming night, as Tuesdays tend to be. I'm aiming for high meterage (yardage? lengthage?) instead of doing a set workout, just swimming and trying to enjoy. We'll see though, I haven't gotten to where I have a good mental game plan for swimming yet.

Dinner last night was a salad and half a pizza. Still hungry after half a pizza. I am a bottomless pit of hunger.

Food today:
Breakfast: egg, cottage cheese, banana
snack: cheese, apple
lunch: lentil soup, granola bar, veggies
afternoon snack: peanuts, orange
dinner: tacos and salad? most likely.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Normally I'm not an "I hate Mondays, they're sooo terrible" person, but today, wow, I totally am. I had an interesting weekend. I got to spend tons of time with Andrew, going out on Friday night, museum and mall (!!!) on Saturday. Here's a picture from the Udvar-Hazy Center, part of the Air and Space Museum:

Sunday was time for general laziness/errands. I also was feeling miserable and sick all day, so it did not rank amongst my top Sunday Fundays. To top it off, this morning at work we're having 'biometric screening' meaning that we have nice folks from the local hospital coming in to take our height, weight, blood pressure, and draw blood for cholesterol and blood sugar values. Sweet, right? The big HOWEVER is that it meant I had to fast for at least 10 hours. I couldn't even have coffee. Andrew and I were hungry early, so we had Chinese at around 6pm, and I had a big salad with cheese at 7... and then NOTHING ELSE until 8am. I was fading fast during my first hour at work this morning. I normally eat dinner by 8pm and then am awake and eating breakfast by 6, so this was absolute misery.

That brings us to weekend workouts... not so much. Friday I walked with my mom then went for a leisurely bike ride with Andrew. Saturday was a planned off day, and Sunday was an obligatory off day because I felt so much like death, and by the time I felt better I was all caught up in errands and productivity. Today I'm thinking I'll run because it's supposed to be glorious out. We'll see if the weekend illness holds off though.

Breakfast: ridiculously delayed granola bar, yogurt, and banana
morning snack: cheese, apple
lunch: leftover chinese, veggies
Afternoon snack: orange, peanuts
later afternoon: granola bar/tortilla/crackers or something. maybe an egg.
dinner: TBD, pasta would be easy, but I have not consulted with my better half, so that remains to be seen.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Why yes,

...I did squander a completely beautiful weather day because I felt like watching tv instead of watching my surroundings. It was gloriously sunny and just the right temperature for a bike ride. But that seemed like too much effort and I really didn't feel like wearing sunscreen, so I went to the gym instead. I am realllly lazy sometimes. Unfortunately, I was punished for my laziness by having some company at the gym... very very very chatty company. I don't mind chatting, and if you have a question about the show I'm watching, sure, but carrying on a real convo? I'm trying to get a workout happening, not conducive to chatting. I made a show of how hard I was breathing and tried to be really absorbed in HGTV (someday, I too will have $90,000 to spend on a really ugly bathroom remodel... with shag carpeting?!). It really doesn't kill me to talk to another person, it just wasn't really on my agenda.

I did "550 calories," somewhere around 32 minutes...then came home and did the strength training I wrote about yesterday. I wrote that last night because I have a habit of starting with like 40 crunches, ramping up over time to 60some, then completely forgetting and starting back over again at 40. I'm trying to actually steadily increase for once in my life.

Pre-dinner snack last night was cottage cheese and V8, followed by corn and pasta for dinner. Yummy.

Food today is already weird! Hold on to your hats.
Breakfast: leftover rice pilaf from the other night, egg and banana
Morning snack: cheese, apple
lunch: probably pierogies and veggies. we'll see
Afternoon snack: TBD
dinner: TBD

I only have to work for a few hours to reach my quota for the week, so I'll leave pretty early, hopefully walk with my mom (if she's feeling friendly), and do lots of errand type stuff. Maybe go be social tonight, maybe just spend time with Andrew.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

before I forget

After elliptical I did 46 x 2 bicycles, 44 x 2 leg lifts, 2 x 33 plie squats, 2 x 15 tricep dips and 2 x 25 side leg lifts. Fun!

That is all.

hungry hungry

I have been sleeping so terribly this week. I have restless legs syndrome and it has gotten way worse since I have been working out more often. I took Mirapex for about a year and it helped, but it made me groggy and I hated taking a pill every day. I don't drink caffeine after about 10am any longer, and most nights I don't have any alcohol. Those are two common environmental triggers. I may also have low iron levels, so I should probably address that. It has been super bothersome this week, making falling asleep and staying asleep impossible. I keep waking up and laying there, twitching, for 10 or 15 minutes before I can fall back asleep. Despite not sleeping well, I haven't been able to sleep the extra hour after Andrew leaves in the morning either, so I've been getting up early and maxing out at 7 hours.. I need more than that!

This is all to say my energy levels have not been stellar. My run yesterday was alright, but I was definitely counting down the minutes at the end. I did 33 minutes plus another 7 run 1/walk 1 to cool down. Then I did 1:15 wall sit x 2 and 1:15 plank x 2 plus 13 pushups then 14. Arms were pretty tired after that, and my lower abs are a bit sore today. My quad seems to be doing better though. Today I want to elliptical, depending on what time I get out of work. Hopefully do 45 minutes then some ab stuff.

A combination of boredom and hunger keeps derailing my best eating efforts. Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised by lunch being served at a meeting, so I had 3 pieces of veggie pizza. I have had pizza every day this week! I ate beaucoup afternoons snack as well.  I had V8 when I got home, 3 rice cakes after my run, and then big salad and veggie chili with cheese for dinner.

Today's food... boring ish.
breakfast: plain Chobani, egg, banana
snack 1: granola bar, cheese, apple
lunch: soup, tortilla, veggies
afternoon snack: peanuts, orange
after run snack: egg? maybe. rice cakes
dinner: pasta with marinara, steamed broccoli (we're out of salad because I've been eating it a pound at a time :) )

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Same old, same old

As expected, I was tired and swam lazily last night. I could not get into a groove where I felt comfortable enough with pacing to actually do repeats, so I just did random distances and strokes. I didn't have a kickboard or a pull buoy, so I only did full on swimming. Confession: asking teenagers for things makes me uncomfortable. Example: teenage lifeguards at the pool scare me, and I'm hesitant to ask them where they keep stuff like kickboards, and I have yet to see anyone else go retrieve them from somewhere. I am so lame. All my swimming added up to 1300 meters (I think?) so I'm ok with that. Not stellar but it was alright.

I'm feeling like I've eaten entirely too much this week, and this Friday is a bit of a local drinking holiday, so I know I'll be taking in extra calories in the form of fruity alcoholic things. Booo me. At least I'm planning ahead? I'm thinking long-ish run just because I need to get good cardio in so as to not feel whale-y. We'll see what the weather has to say and how my legs are feeling. My upper body is SORE from sweeping yesterday, but it's a good sore. Nice to use some different muscles. My left quad is still incredibly achy and I'm not sure why. Hopefully that works itself out.

Yesterday's dinner was half a pizza, big salad with cottage cheese (if I'm going to eat these huge salads, I need to go food shopping more!), and an egg. Surprisingly, the pizza was not a huge calorie suck, because it was thin crust. And delicious.

Today's food:
Breakfast: yogurt, banana, egg
snack 1: apple, cheese
lunch: tomato soup, veggies, tortilla?
afternoon snack: peanuts, orange
after work afternoon snack: granola bar, egg
dinner: TBD.