Wednesday, December 21, 2011

You want randomness?

You got it!

-I had a work lunch today at about 11am and had potato salad, some baked beans (meatless, I hope), and a roll. And 3 half cookies, none of which were very good. Boo wasted calories. Now it's coming up on 2:30 and I'm starving, but want my tummy to be settled to run at 3. I know, first world problems.

-I was going to run yesterday with Nick (for the first time really since the last week of November, yikes) but we both had late lunches/were feeling tired so we lazed on the couch and went out for Mexican instead. Basically the same thing, right?

-I talk of wasted calories because although the scale says I haven't gained any weight, I feel and look like I have.. at least in my head. I feel all poofy and bloaty all the time.

-I made these delicious cream cheese cookies and allspice cream cheese frosting on Sunday night, and then at 4 that night and 4 the next day... plus snacks galore from my parents house (my mom has the best candy and puts it in this adorable Christmas tree dish thing that I can't seem to find online). Umm no wonder I'm feeling puffy.

-I went on a 10 day cruise since I last wrote... that's kind of a big deal! here's the rundown:
    Drive down: great!
    Cruise: meh!
    Islands (Antigua, St. Kitts, Tortola (that name sounds so made up to me...), Barbados, St. Maarten and  Dominican Republic. 6 islands total.): great!
    Drive back: major meh!

-I get seasick. Shouldn't be surprised by this, but I am.

-Here's some pics, including ones from a ridiculous hike that Nick and I did with another couple:

Beginning of drive down.

Marigot, the French capital of St. Maarten. Delicious Nutella crepe, amazing fries, and nice French people.

During the "Pub Hop," aka I drank more fruity drinks in 10 days than I have in my whole life

Me mimicking a rock in Tortoal. I was inverted, thus why I look so uncomfortable. And white.

The top of the dormant volcano we hiked in St. Kitts. Super amazing!!!!!
During hike on St. Kitts... This is a ficus tree. Little bit different than our dinky office ficus trees.

Being accosted by monkeys in St. Kitts

Another shot from the top of the volcano.

$5 pizza delivered wherever you are on the ship, any time of day! yes please!

Our ship!

Nick and me getting toasty in Tortola

Virgin Gorda baths in Tortola

-Some other highlights: trivia, karaoke, comedians, Dancing With the Stars, White Hot Party, boxed wine, 6!, Atlas Shrugged via headphones, and so much more... so thankful I got to go on the cruise, even if my tummy was upset.

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