Friday, December 30, 2011

Dream big

^Juno quote. Obvi.

So... another goal I've seen floating around the interwebs is a mileage based one, i.e. run XXXX miles this year. I thought about what that would mean for me and how having a mileage based goal would affect my mental health and physical health versus the more touchy feeling goals I set up yesterday. I'm thinking a reasonable goal would be 1000 miles in 2012, which is less than 20 miles/week.

-I'll have something quantifiable, and with an average per week that I need to maintain, I'll easily know whether I'm on my way to achieving my goal (p.s. I write "foal" everytime I attempt to type foal goal. I like to imagine myself "achieving" a baby horse... I could totally care for a pony)

He's so widdle. Wuv.

-This will fit in nicely with my training for many events schedule that I have going on.
-Will encourage me to track my running and maybe see patterns in training frequency/race performance
-Probably not a bad idea to keep me in my happy weight range

-Stressssss of having a concrete goal. I got all grumpy and tended to rebel against the Marathon Training Schedule Gods, insisting I knew better than they did when training for Marine Corps, e.g. "20 miles doesn't feel right today. I'll stop at 16 and listen to my body." I fear the same would happen if I had "run 20 miles this week" as a goal.
-Potential for injuries may increase. I am, at most, a 4x/week runner. Requiring that each of those runs is at least 5 miles seems....a little much?
-Not a lot of flexibility with vacations, weird work schedules, etc.
-Not a lot of flexibility with cross training, especially considering I'll be doing tri training in 2012 (maybe I could make a stipulation, just asterisk my mileage by having swimming miles count double, 1 swim ~= 2 run, and biking miles reverse of that, 4 biked = 1 run?). Gah, complicated.
-I hate tracking things, and since I don't use my garmin for every run, I'll need to have a spreadsheet or something to track this... ick.
-Other weird quantification problems- if I walk 5 miles with my mom, do I count it? How about an intense hike with Nick? CONFUSION!


So yeah. i don't want to formally commit to 1000 miles in 2012, although I think it is definitely doable, so... let's just do it. Suck it up. It's on. I'll come up with some parameters for myself regarding swimming/biking mileage as well so I know how flexible I can be with my running miles.

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