Thursday, December 29, 2011


Everyone else in the blog world is doing it, so I thought I would as well. Here's some 2012 plans/goals.

1. Another marathon? Why the hell not. I don't have a race picked out yet, but I would really like to do the MCM (October 28) again. Loved it.

2. Keep racking up 5K PR's (currently 27:44, which is 8:55/mile, would like that to be 8:50/mile? or less!)

3. Triathlon(s). I did a sprint tri in 2010 and it was great. I know cross training is good for me and makes me happy, so I think at least another sprint tri to work out triathlon kinks would be good, followed by an Olympic triathlon late in the summer. Again, I don't have races picked out yet, but I am looking at the Nation's Tri in September for the Olympic distance and maybe the Rock Hall Sprint in June? Why are triathlons so expensive :(

4. One or more half marathons. Nick has said he'd like to do one with me, so it would be nice to find one, maybe early summer, that works for both of us. Maybe the Frederick half on May 6? Or Marine Corps historic Half in late May. There are lots of races that time of year.

If I do all of these, my race schedule would be:
May: Half
June: Sprint tri
July/August: 5K's?
September: Olympic Tri
October: Marathon

Umm... we'll see?

5. Eat "better," consistently. I know I feel better when I eat whole foods, and my pants definitely like me more when I do. I don't want to miss out on fun stuff or good food, so I'm not going to drastically change anything, but I would like to use better control over the random crap I put in my body, like diet soda (which lately I have only had mixed with booze... better or worse for me? ) and the steady flow of candy. Just because it's in my boss's office doesn't mean it needs to be eaten by me. That is what this Christmas taught me.

6. Have weekly or monthly fitness/eating goals. Just to keep consistency in working out, especially since I'll be in totally crazy work schedule mode starting on February 5 and continuing until at least April 5. Yuck.

And here's some week old pics of my Christmas present wrapping, and bows I was particularly proud of. First is an ingenious re-use of some hair ribbon that I bought a couple years ago to go to a Virginia tech football game. The wrapping paper I used was antique-y gold, green and burgundy, so I combined the maroon with a gold bow and it was pretty.

Second is what I call the sea anemone. I had bits of leftover green curling ribbon that, when cut into short pieces, turned into a neat swirl without needing any curl. Slap a couple pre-made bows on that and you're done!
Maybe I should turn off my flash in the future? Or maybe just keep blinding people with poor picture quality. I'll go with that.

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